CategoryB03. Social for Mobile
EntrantW Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation W Shanghai, CHINA
Production W Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

In this case, we developed a fictitious hacker: William Chen, and created a legendary resume for him: making paralysis American communication network by his hacking skills when he was 19 years old, and protested the launching conference for discontent over the arrogance of Apple etc. In this way, we succeeded building him into a bold and naturally-gifted Robin Hood on the Internet.

Creative Execution

We established a 6-person working team for this project, which included one Creative Director, one Copywriter, one Designer and two Animators. We worked together for three weeks and most of the work was done by this internal team, like the VO talent was the Copywriter himself. In the video, we simulated the animation of IOS system with After Effect software, making the APP Mixer so realistic that most people believe it truly exists.

results. 1. More than 3.43 million views watched the viral video 2. There are more than 1.71 million Baidu search items related to APPMIXER. 3. The moment the viral video went online, a large number of consumers post comments or voluntarily forwarded the video. 4. Many websites voluntarily uploaded the download links of APPMIXER as tribute, driving up secondary transmission. 5. Its innovative approach is emulated by brands from the same or different sectors, creating a new model of experience Html5. 6. It leads to heated discussions about the feasibility of APPMIXER and the use of creativity in brands promotion on many IT forums 7. Dianping “Dine and Dash” significantly raises product awareness and sales by transfering brands promotion into sales. 8. Many media and we media are motivated to voluntarily forward and comment on the case.

We found that the mobile APP almost covers the 75% service functions of all other service APPs, and therefore we portrayed, in William Chen’s tone, a super APP “APPMIXER” developed by him using low-cost animation simulating screen recording. It can merge several randomly chosen apps into a new one with playful novel functions. Thus, we can integrate all apps relating to eating and entertainment on your smartphone into the “ Tyrannosaurs Dianping” APP with no bills to pay. Interestingly, many consumers take this purposed joke to be true and click open to participate the real “Dine and Dash” activities.


Name Company Position
3water Lee W Creative Director
Sam Chen W Copywriter
Ermu Wang W Senior Art Director
Boyang Xu W Art Director
Chen Lok W Producer
Fan He W Senior Designer
Video URL