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Robyn Weatherby Opera Mediaworks Media Manager
Robyn Weatherby Opera Mediaworks Media Manager

The Campaign

The AskMeBazaar campaign focused on reaching consumers on their mobile devices. Our insight and precision targeting technology was able to deliver for AskMeBazaar a tailored, creative experience to every consumer whenever they were online, every time they went online. The campaign ran successfully over four areas: prioritizing securing visibility of the brand through Opera browser users, delivering exceptional user engagement via selected targeting, and serving custom ad creatives to each user every time they visited AskMeBazaar. We used Opera’s Surf DNA technology for audience segmentation, Opera is able to anonymously classify all its users in 12 buckets based on the previous week users’ browsing behavior. This allows detecting purchase intention in a weekly basis. For example an audience segment, High Rollers, were then served specific advertisements for relevant items such as watches and optical wear, luxury bags & luggage, jewelry, art & decoratives, furnishings, etc

Creative Execution

• Opera Mini’s native ad units. We used multiple ad units as per the product for right impact –speed dial, dual feature boxes and in-feed on Smart Page, and interstitials. These exclusive placements helped reach 55 million users and delivered 15 billion impressions with an 11% engagement with users and over 80 million visits to the website. • Surf DNA technology for audience segmentation. Opera Mini’s proprietary technology was able to classify users based on their actual browsing behavior. During the 18-month campaign users were targeted based on their current browsing habits to ensure that appropriate products were presented to them resulting in over 3,800 sales per day and over 350,000 unique sales transactions. • Developed 1500+ custom creatives. In addition to the powerful segmentation, over 2,000 creatives were delivered each week to the targeted audience segments. Over 200 campaigns ran across the 12+ specific audience segments with matching 34 categories of relevant products found on AskMeBazaar. • Continuous Performance Management. Combining the insights from user behaviors, AskMeBazaar was able to provide the best performing CTR products (deals), add similar deals and more importantly, remove non-performing products. Over 30-40 new deals were sent each day, or over 500-600 new deals every month.

The unique ubiquity of the mobile phones, the power of Opera Mediawork’s targeting technologies and the ability to deliver customized creatives to specific targeted users secured the six-month campaign’s outstanding results Brand Impact ? 55Mn unique users ? 15bn Impressions delivered in 18 months ? 11% engagement ratio Lead Generation ? 80Mn visits to AskMeBazaar ? Increased sales from 200 sales per day to over 3,800 sales in a day peak day ? over 350,000 unique sales transaction ? 42% total AskMeBazaar sales done on mobile ? 18% lower cost-per-order than benchmark According to AskMe, “this campaign surpassed Facebook and Google, the preferred channels, demonstrating that a well-designed mobile campaign can drive huge return on ad spend.” This campaign not only succeeded in disrupting the e-commerce market in India but it demonstrated the power of utilizing great technology and consumer insights to redefine a sector.

- Visibility: The AskMeBazaar brand logo was set as a bookmark on the Speed Dial section of all Opera Mini browsers in India and on the Start Page. As a default m-commerce site, on one of the most popular browsers in the market assured AskMeBazaar would achieve massive brand coverage and secure user engagement. - User Engagement: Showcasing select deals in front of select target audiences using “Surf DNA”, our proprietary laser-focused targeting technology, attracted the best transacting customers and increased the campaign efficiency in a major way. - Custom Creatives: The value market segmentation allowed AskMeBazaar to serve tailored creatives everywhere, ensuring that each audience segment was presented with appropriate products. - Native: Carefully selected placements aimed to maximize engagement and position the brand ad the natural gateway to m-commerce

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