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The Campaign

Music was the creative element in the strategy. Our campaign ran across Indonesia where we created a game to allow users to play instruments in order to generate the highest score. This indicated users’ willingness to move (moger). All the scores where captured and add to a general moves counter on Rexona’s website. To capture encourage the target of 100,000 Indonesians to ‘moger’, the interactive mobile ad lead to a chance to win tickets to the Jazz concert sponsored and enjoy discount coupons . The campaign was also activated in the social space as part of a wider push. Rexona timed the campaign to harness the power of social media influencers including YouTube personalities SkinnyIndonesian24 to invite communities to join the #MOGER challenge.

Creative Execution

By partnering with Java Jazz Festival, a prominent event with a large database of over 120,000 fans, as well as Sasuke Ninja Warriors, Rexona #MOGER campaign created immense brand exposure for MotionSense that was amplified by the power of social media influencer SkinnyIndonesian24 (YouTube personality) Within mobile, the highly engaging ad unit and the incentive to win Jazz Festival tickets engaged its target audience and helped Rexona built a community to join the #Moger challenge. The percentage of the budget for mobile was not disclosed. We created a very visual custom 3D panoramic ad unit featuring precise, quality tunes of instruments maracas, percussion, and piano for a more immersive and interactive mobile experience. Users had to repeatedly tap the musical instruments on their mobile screens and create a beat to accumulate as many points in 20 seconds. All the points were recorded and sent to Rexona’s website in real time via an API integration to add to the general counter of the movements. .

The unique ubiquity of the mobile phones and the very engaging ad unit added immensely to the #MOGER movement and generated immense brand exposure. The mobile campaign generated almost 3 million engagements, and campaign got 126,000 unique users interacting, exceeding its initial goal by 26%. Users spent an average time of 2.02 minutes and the campaign recorded a remarkable 46,020 minutes of total dwell time. An overall 5.84% record of CTR to website where over 65,000 vouchers were redeemed. Through the #MOGER campaign, Rexona experimented the biggest sales in last 3 years gained the highest growth in market share (+110BPS), securing its position as a leading anti-perspirant and deodorant brand. ? 2,000 new fans on Facebook ? Almost 1,000 new followers on Twitter “Innovation on mobile and the multiscreen backend API integration became key to engage with the target audience and drive the biggest Rexona sales in last 3 years”

Rexona, Unilever’s largest anti-perspirant and deodorant manufacturer in the world realised that men and women have everyday, unexpected moments of increased adrenaline and then perspiration. To many, all movements whether big or small can trigger perspiration. As such, many are discouraged to get active. But perspiration doesn’t necessarily mean body odor. The main objective of the campaign is awareness of Rexona new MotionSense technology, that helps protect and keep us fresh with every move we make. To prove it we launched #Moger - a nationwide campaign to inspire the population of Indonesia to MOVE. Stop “Mager” (being too lazy to move) and become “Moger”. A made-up word combaning Mo + Gerak – less lazy, more active]] Nothing better to move than music. Rexona sponsored a Jazz Festival and launched a mobile campaign with an engaging ad unit to capture the country’s overall participation in the #Moger movement


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