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Idea Creation FACEBOOK Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Valerie Madon Facebook Head of Creative Shop, Southeast Asia
Fergus O'Hare Facebook Head Of Creative Shop, APAC
Nicholas Chu ColorTV Studio Pte Ltd Business Development Manager
Jared Tay ColorTV Studio Pte Ltd Creative Director

The Campaign

Based on the concept "You just can't help yourself" we proposed a fresh take on 360 video to entice the viewer. Whilst most 360 content has been filmed in large open spaces, we did the opposite to create a new experience. We leveraged 360 inside a small space and placed the camera inside a bucket of KFC chicken which gave the viewer a magnified, up close experience with the product in their hands. To make 360 work harder for commercial purposes and incentivize viewers to navigate and spend more time with the content, we embedded a special coupon within the bucket and led people to find it. By leveraging a very basic user behaviour of screen-grabbing of phone-screens, we got people to capture the coupon which remains in their phones for the period of redemption. This is KFC's first attempt with mobile coupons to drive more footfall into the restaurants.

Creative Execution

In the fast-food business, different products and promotions happen all year round. For the Original Recipe specifically, it's done once a year for a short period of 6-8weeks. Typically for most campaigns, media would include TVC, print, outdoor and social/digital. Creating content specifically designed for mobile experience is the first for this client and it has proven successful even in comparison to their TV spots placed and boosted on their Facebook wall. Less than 1% of media budget was dedicated to mobile as this is the client's first efforts to test and learn to see if content designed specifically for a platform resonates with the audience. It is a new approach for a brand that typically relies on traditional media to get its reach and awareness.

With less than 1% of media budget push, this boosted post garnered in just 1 week: 21,912 minutes of time spent with the brand 63,478 unique viewers Almost 30,00 people spent at least 10seconds with the brand to guarantee recall The quality of comments on the post clearly shows the content's ability to trigger purchase intent More than 100 coupons were redeemed Consumers were generally surprised by the experience of being able to be "surrounded" by the food they love. Many tagged and shared the content with their friends. In comparison to the campaign's TVC posted on their Facebook wall, the 360 experience had equal if not more quality engagement remarks from the audience.

Though the product is for everyone, the bulls-eye target audience is Singaporean 18-30 young adults who are looking for affordable meals everyday. They love hanging out with friends and food/dining is No.1 past-time to bond with the ones that matter to them. As with all food advertising, 'food porn' always works to trigger an appetite. We want to create the effect of "a kid in a candy store" and bring the product closer to the consumer to trigger memories of enjoying a bucket of KFC's Original recipe chicken. In a country where mobile has almost 100% penetration and more than 75% of Singaporeans access Facebook regularly, Facebook's new introduction of 360 video and photography is the perfect innovation to create new news for the traditional Bucket. By placing this experience with the chicken in the consumer's hands in a more immediate and timely manner, we believe it will trigger appetites.

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