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Idea Creation ABBOTT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Rahul Avasthy Abbott India Ltd Head - Digital Marketing
Swaroop Powar Abbott India Ltd Digital Marketing Manager
AKSHAT AIYER Abbott India Ltd Group Product Manager
Gulshan Jaisinghani Abbott India Ltd Marketing Planning Manager
Ashok Saini Abbott India Ltd Head Marketing Neuro

The Campaign

Using Innovative technology we created not just an app but a whole new Holistic Mobile App Ecosystem for Vertigo Management: InClinic - Virtual reality app: Frugal innovation for immersive, differentiated experience to HCPs and make them experience Vertigo and educate them on pathophysiology and mode of action of various antivertigo drugs specially Betahistine. (First in Industry Virtual Reality experience for scientific detailing to HCP via all medical reps) for better health outcomes Patient Education – 3D HD 360 degree Augmented Reality app for better treatment outcome with patients of Vertigo: Empowering HCP to ensure patience adherence and provide a virtual trainer to enable patients perform recommended vertigo exercise correctly and achieve better treatment outcomes CME/Conferences – 3D Printed Robot connected to the Mobile application: To disperse scientific education to HCPs about complex physiotherapy maneuvers for Vertigo Management, a skill not many have mastered and hence training them to manage BPPV

Creative Execution

We gave google cardboard to sales team and installed the unique VR app on their smart phones to take Drs. in the fascination world of VR where they could not only experience Vertigo but go inside the brain and have a 360 degree HD experience and have one of the most unique experiences of scientific learning. With differentiated content our team was able to cover more than 15000+ Drs. in span of 6 months and drew rave reviews and feedback for this initiative. Our Vertigo exercise AR app for patients was marketed through Drs. as companion for comprehensive management of vertigo for all their vertigo patients. Within 5 months we had more than 9000+ organic downloads against planned. Doctors with skill set to manage Vertigo better we arranged special Epley maneuver workshops on special robotics simulator a first of its kind in vertigo management across the country and trained 1500+ Doctors.

Virtual reality app: 100% field force adoption, Success KPI of reach met by 101.5% 15000+ HCPs engaged 8X increase in the inclinic time with HCPs specially KOLs Brand leader in Vertigo Therapy area with 31% market share Application appreciated and received Abbott internal global appreciation. Replicated and scaled in other international markets with great success Vertigo Exercise AR app : Drs. appreciated the unique initiative and were fascinated to see a virtual trainer performing 21 exercises step by step 5X increase in the inclinic time 207% achievement of organic downloads as planned Application appreciated and showcased at global Abbott platforms In process of being replicated and scaled in other international markets 3D Printed Robot with physical sensors: 8900 minutes of interaction with neurologists in India 12X increase with time spent with HCP at CME on discussing scientific education 1500+ HCPs trained via this Phygital Robot connected with custom App

Doctor’s lack understanding of various causes and pathophysiology of Vertigo, Skillset to manage it correctly and was not taking it seriously. Patient’s and Dr. Interaction were minimal. Target Audience: Generalist Doctors and Vertigo patients Approach: Virtual reality app:- Create immersive scientific content which engages HCPs and demonstrate the scientific message. For the 1st time the HCPs could experience the process of vestibular compensation in 3D environment helping better understanding and clarifying the role of vestibular stimulants. Vertigo Exercise AR app : Introducing 1st every Vertigo virtual trainer app for patients with a 21 vestibular exercises in 3D, HD 360 degree visual experience via a virtual nurse using Augmented reality technology. Features like Pill reminder, Diet chart, exercise scheduler etc. 3d Printed Robot: A 3D printed robot connected to a tablet with customized app that reacts on motion sensors, and coaches HCP accurately on this maneuver and showed internal shift of calcium particles.

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