TitleWALL'S MAN 2.0
Product / ServiceWALL'S
CategoryA01. Activation by Location
Production DGM59 Bangkok, THAILAND

The Campaign

Our idea was to create a new version of the Wall’s Man – a tech savvy Wall’s Man 2.0. We created a new platform, mobile activated service with GPS tracking and interactive messaging, turning a traditional icon, into a new world phenomenon. We needed to integrate Wall’s Man 2.0 back into the every day lives of our community, given them the convenience they needed in this digital age. We had to ensure our new platform was easy to use, as our Wall’s Man is a traditional guy, so simplicity was essential. Using LINE messaging, which is already the number one chat app in Thailand, our consumers could connect with the Wall’s Man 2.0 and order their ice-cream.

Creative Execution

Once a customer had sent a Wall’s sticker on the LINE app, this triggered their request to the nearest Wall’s Man. GPS tracking showed them exactly how long their ice cream would take to arrive and which Wall’s Man was delivering it. You could also choose your favourite Wall’s Man! Wall’s also collected the data being generated through the service, allowing Wall’s Man to manage his stock better and provide insights for future sales opportunities through customer profiling. GPS location embedded in stickers allowed for finding customers easily, so Wall’s Man could easily chat and build relationships with their community, in their area. Through our new-to-market service, we made the Wall’s Man more visible, which in-turn boosted recruitment.

Despite the economic downturn and invasion of new players in the ice-cream market, the overall sales increased 4% in just a couple of months. 22.5 million Thais (more than 1/3 of the population) joined Wall’s LINE account, allowing a whole new generation to experience the joy of being delivered ice cream. The Wall’s man was back! Recruitment went up 17%. With rising sales, more people could work part time and more communities were helped with increased income. Even the Ministry of Labour endorsed wall’s man campaign as one of the top jobs that support the workforce in Thailand

To find new customers, the Wall’s Man would often have to travel further and further away, regularly getting lost. To help the Wall’s Man grow his customer base and ensure productivity was improved, we connected our Wall’s Man network to the digital world. In rural Thailand, where Wall’s Man delivers, we needed to ensure we could help them sell more ice-cream, to their community. On the LINE messaging app, customers simply follow the Wall’s account and send a sticker to place their order. This widened our reach and provided the on-demand delivery service that Thais were used to in this ever-changing adaptive world.


Name Company Position
Poomphat Techapoonpol DGM59 Production Manager
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