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Idea Creation RAZORFISH Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Campaign

We discovered that Electrolux faced stiff competition from other brands in the same space. Inconsistent and outdated execution with lack of a digital strategy and digital engagement in-store proved to be a big setback for the brand. Armed with this insight, we set about uplifting the in-store experience. We asked ourselves some questions – ? How do you deliver the features of a smart product in a smart way? ? How could Electrolux increase interactivity and tell a product story at the point of sale itself? ? How could we combine technology and creative conceptualization and weave them together in an emotional way that captured the attention of the modern SEA woman? We communicated information and conveyed features of the products through timely, relevant content. Customers scanned the POSM to reveal interactive content through augmented reality. This interactive touchpoint helped engage our consumers and sustained their interest.

Creative Execution

Implementation & Placement: We developed 2 augmented reality applications to communicate features through a highly engaging interface for two of the brand’s star products – the Nutrilight Refrigerator & the Smart HOB. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the AR apps communicate the exceptional features of the products and greatly enhance user experience. Timeline: We have developed and tested the app for around 3-4 months and it is still up for download through IOS and Android until now.

We are yet to get the results of engagement. The new Digital Applications will be deployed across south East Asia in more than 500+ stores. The new way of engaging with consumers helped the brand to create an effective Digital presence, enabled new communication channels, increase consumer engagement at stores and will have an effect on Sales in the future.

Data Gathering: Research and competitor analysis revealed that there was only one way to go: enhance the digital in-store experience by providing an integrated, omni-channel experience. Target Audience: The woman of SEA who is all about happiness, togetherness and warmth. She cares about keeping her family healthy and happy. Relevance to Platform: The success of digital and technology in the retail space is a well-proved case in point. The road ahead was all about bringing the brand’s communication to life through a beautiful blend of technology, storytelling and creative conceptualization. Approach: Create a digital catalogue that goes beyond just a medium of information and a product showcase platform. We tell a story through a world where users feel like they’re experiencing the products for themselves and make it interactive, engaging and, above all, relatable while staying true to the campaign’s tone: warm, chatty, lively, casual


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Manish Bhan Razorfish Regional Account Director
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