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Liang Wang &c. Inc. Account Director
Min Xu &c. Inc. Senior Account Manager

The Campaign

The big idea in this campaign is for FAW-Toyota to adapt to this new mobile lifestyle that the whole society is adapting to right now, through collaborating with the most popular transportation APP ‘Didi Transport’ we are able to realize taking the test-drive cars to consumers and not the traditional other way around. By analyzing the target consumers of FAW-Toyota, we realized that consumers nowadays doesn’t want to go through the trouble of having the travel to 4S shops for test-drive of a certain car, they depend more and more on having things brought to them. So we thought, why can’t test-drives be brought to consumers as well?

Creative Execution

The campaign started in October 2015,which is the first time that the test-drive function for ‘Didi Transport’ took place, and FAW-Toyota is the first brand on the APP. We launched in 6 major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and etc. For a consumer to make a test-drive order on ‘Didi Transport’ all he/she needs to do is open the APP on his/her phone, choose the test-drive function, then choose the model that he/she wants to take test-drive in, and wait for an owner with that car model to accept the order. And at the time of the launch, test-drive consumers would get coupons for other activities that the brand is doing in purchasing cars or other events, which could also benefit consumers in purchasing cars of FAW-Toyota. On the other hand, the owners of FAW-Toyota cars that would like to participate in this activity will also accept professional trainings provided by the brand. With this ‘we come to you, instead of you coming to us’ strategy, potential consumers could easily get the test-drive that they want in the time and place that are most convenient to them. In media sense, we helped our client FAW-Toyota to push ads on the APP itself, and also on the most popular social APP WeChat, making large exposures and hot topic of the campaign.

Exposure of the campaign reached 112 million, exceeding client’s original goal by 188%. Participants of the test-drive reaches 25,515 people, exceeding client’s original goal by 200%. Media report of the event is more than 127,000 and our client FAW-Toyota’s management spoke highly of the campaign.

Opening up the first ever ‘mobile 4S shop’ in China for FAW-Toyota, we are allowing consumers who are interested in FAW-Toyota cars to be able to take test-drives of all car models that FAW-Toyota has ever made with the touch of their cell phone screen. Thus, we create a world-wind of topics on social networks for users of the internet to all know about this creative way of taking test-drives. We raise awareness of not only this creative way that FAW-Toyota has established in test-drives, but we raise the awareness of the whole brand as well, and connecting the brand to the most top notch technology that’s available in China. Through our creative way, we were able to rise test-drive numbers for FAW-Toyota as they wished, but also a significance sales increase as well. We offer bonuses for FAW-Toyota car owners to take part in this campaign, where they can get a bonus from the APP when they accept test-drive orders on the APP. Car owners of FAW-Toyota cars would also get professional trainings from the brand to be able to introduce the car models professionally.

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