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Shevaita Handoo PHD India Business Director - Mobile Solutions
Aunkita Dey PHD India Director - Digital Strategy
Jude Pinto PHD India Media Manager - Mobile Solutions

The Campaign

An in-depth study to understand a day in the lives of this audience to arrive at potential interceptions gave us 3 insights: • Afternoons are ‘me –time’ but limited source of entertainment: While household chores keep her engaged through the day, afternoons are ‘Me-Time’. She usually resorts to watching TV or talking to friends due to limited entertainment options. • Best products but limited budgets: Family’s wellbeing is her ultimate priority in life resulting in the need to buy best products for them but she falls short due to limited domestic budgets. • Mobile phone means to stay connected but restricted by constant recharges: She loves to use her Mobile phone to stay connected with friends and family but is dependent on her husband to get talk-time recharge.

Creative Execution

3 brands and 4 timeless board games: Comfort, Domex and Surf Excel Matic were picked and right game fit was devised to convey brand messages effectively. Delivering entertainment through preferred medium: Mobile phones being a huge source of entertainment - KTJ brought to them gaming through IVRS. As IVRS is not a visual medium, we built customized game-boards and the entire game play rested on the back-end. Promoters promoted the games, not brands: Promoters handed the game booklet to consumers while explaining the rules and gratifications. To activate the games, consumers required to give a missed call on the toll-free number printed on the game board. This meant playing games without exhausting talk time. Simple IVRS with complete guidance on gameplay and talk time redemption got participants Rs 50 talk time on completion of all games. Further, on purchase of any of the three products consumers got additional 60 Rupees talk-time.

Our innovation made promoters job efficient and HUL’s offering more effective: With the idea of playing games and getting free talktime, 88% of housewives opted for the activity. 34% consumers completed atleast one game and 8.12% completed all four. They further shared the games with their friends and family giving us 2:1 virality. Average time spent per game was 4 minutes (Industry average = 50 seconds to 1 minute) assuring that the brand messages were understood and games interesting enough to keep them engaged. 5.58% consumers bought products of which 64.11% bought them within 5 days of playing the games hence establishing the credibility of products.

Promoters not promoting products but first of its kind Mobile IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) based board game - ‘Kheloge Toh Jeetoge’ (KTJ) Engage to edutain: Creating KTJ, an interactive game platform that not only educated consumers about various products/ product benefits, keeps them engaged during their “Me-Time”. Bringing together technology and basics: KTJ capitalized on the nostalgia of popular board games such as Snakes and Ladder, Quiz, Housie, etc and the innovative IVRS technology that enhanced their gaming experience. Gratification for engagement: As instant gratification, consumer were offered free mobile talk time for the games played and subsequent product purchase.

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