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The Campaign

A first of its kind Kinder Joy Story Station - a unique story telling platform was created that enabled kids to listen to their favourite stories in their regional language. These stories were made magical by leveraging the licenses of Disney Princesses and Marvel Heroes which were available as part of Kinder Joy surprises. A total of 14 stories (7 for Boys and 7 for girls) of 5 minutes each were made available in 6 different languages namely Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam & Telugu. These stories were narrated by our very own brand mascot Kinderino, a favourite amongst kids

Creative Execution

Simply by giving a missed call on 18002004321, caller instantly gets a call back in their preferred language asking them to choose the characters story they would want to listen to. The platform is built intelligently which would identify the callers circle and basis the same call back would go in their respective regional language.The Kinder Joy Story Station was smartly promoted across multiple platforms (Outdoor, Print, TV (Tags), and Radio) in 4 south states and Maharashtra.

Kids enjoyed the Disney and Marvel Stories and were thoroughly engaged by the platform. More than 2.2 million missed calls were generated in a short span of 3 months. An average call duration of 3.35 Minutes was seen across the platform which translated to a total consumption of 11.87 Million Minutes on Kinder joy Story Station. A research conducted by Millward Brown amongst the callers stated the stations success • 61% parents listened to the stories along with their Kids clearly enriching their relationship with their child. • 98% of listeners found the Kinder Joy Story station simple, accessible and easy to use. • After listening to story station, 94% of listeners bought Kinder Joy and 75% said that they would buy it more often.

In the earlier times, storytelling played an integral role on creating a strong bond between parent and their child. Stories play a vital role in developing a child’s imagination by introducing new ideas into their world. It stimulates curiosity and helps with brain development. With the evolving times, priority for each parent has changed, hence making it difficult for them to spend time with their kids. Technology played a crucial role in bridging this gap by replacing the story books with gadgets, thus impacting the story telling experience for a child and the parent. Kinder Joy sensed this challenge and wanted to use this insight as an opportunity to engage with its core audiences using voice as a platform.


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