Product / ServiceASUS ZENFONE ZOOM
CategoryC02. Cross Device Campaign
Idea Creation RAZORFISH Hong Kong, HONG KONG


Name Company Position
Christopher Jones Razorfish (H.K) Co. Ltd Executive Creative Director
Jean Ng Razorfish (H.K) Co. Ltd Creative Group Head / Copy

The Campaign

We launched the power of zoom through a cross-platform, interactive online mystery game called ‘Zoom To Wanda’. To offer our audience a totally immersive experience, we brought to life the ASUS’ 3X optical zoom camera technology within a game that worked across every mobile device. The experience allowed our audience to dive deeper and deeper into the heart of the hide-and-seek game, through their small mobile screen. We began the experience with one question, “If you had the power to zoom, what would you see?” Through the game, our audience would not only be able to experience the power of zoom by ASUS ZenFone Zoom, but also compare the zoom capability with their very own devices.

Creative Execution

Zoom To Wanda challenged our audience all over the world to discover trails of clues left behind by the elusive Wanda, our mysterious woman in red. Along the streets, inside buildings and hideaways, our audience was given the ZenFone Zoom’s power of zoom to find Wanda as well as over 200 Easter eggs. The amazing adventure took our audience to three global cities: Kyoto, Japan; Mumbai, India; and Vernazza, Italy. Panoramic pictures of the stunning locations were captured using Giga Pixel technology, making the experience even more real for our audience. A leaderboard tracked the best Zoom hunters. We also had a unique reward for our audience. They were able to upload their profile picture on to the interactive world to be discovered by their friends through the power of zoom. Zoom To Wanda was launched over a period of 28 days.

Zoom To Wanda reached every corner of the globe during the campaign period. Hundreds of hours of total game time Our audience was hooked on Zoom To Wanda, with one fan clocking 120 hours. The contagious puzzles transformed them into clue-hunting sleuths. Our video was addictive The video achieved 2 million views. Our video was Ubercontagious Zoom To Wanda’s social posts reached over 158.8 million Uber-Instgrammers, with social engagements well exceeding 3.3 million engagements.

Uber-Instgrammers were our target audience. They are Millennials with a hunger and sense for good photo composition. They love photography and are always on the lookout for the perfect shot - and they don’t need a DSLR to get it. These are the types of photography enthusiasts who will appreciate the ZenFone Zoom’s power to zoom. Show, don’t tell. By using Giga-pixel technology and the User Interface of the ZenFone Zoom, we were able to transform any device in the world into a ZenFone Zoom, demonstrating the incredible zoom function of the phone in an addictive and fun way.

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