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Name Company Position
Julian Hernandez Geometry Global Hong Kong Executive Creative Director
Daniel Comar Geometry Global Asia Pacific Regional Creative Director
Reed Collins Ogilvy & Mather Chief Creative Officer
Kitty Tang Ogilvy & Mather Associate Creative Director
Sean Chen Geometry Global Hong Kong Senior Art Director
Paul Sin Geometry Global Hong Kong Art Director
Anastasia Simone Geometry Global Hong Kong Art Director
Jay Lee Geometry Global Hong Kong Copywriter
Angus Lee Hogarth & Ogilvy Senior Producer
Tifa Wang Hogarth & Ogilvy UX Architect
Leslie Cheung Hogarth & Ogilvy Senior Designer
Nick Cheung Ogilvy & Mather Senior Designer
Mikyung Kim Hogarth & Ogilvy Senior Producer
Daniel Edwards Hogarth & Ogilvy Producer
Jayden Wong Hogarth & Ogilvy Producer
Kelvin Tso Timelogue Director
Stuart Howe Hogarth & Ogilvy Senior Editor
Lucy McNally Hogarth & Ogilvy Director Of Photography
David Paysant Geometry Global Hong Kong Managing Director
Harshad Sreedharan Geometry Global Hong Kong Business Director
Olivia Paul Geometry Global Hong Kong Account Manager
Corwin Wong Ogilvy Public Relations Senior Consultant
Michel Wong Ogilvy Public Relations PR Manager
Candace Ngok Ogilvy & Mather Senior Strategist
Anna Chan Ogilvy & Mather Associate Strategist
Claire Chapman Geometry Global Asia Pacific Corporate Communications Director
Oleg Tumanov Geometry Global Moscow Executive Creative Director
Marc Violo K1ND Creative Technologist
Craig Mason Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong Creative Technologist
Dmitry Evstropov Geometry Global Moscow Creative Director
Zeph Teng Geometry Global Hong Kong Associate Creative Director
Melissa Albarus Freelancer German Copywriter
Lau Geckler Geometry Global Moscow Chief Executive Officer
Anna Gusakova Geometry Global Moscow Account Director
Elizaveta Smirnova Geometry Global Hong Kong Senior Account Manager
Xanthus Szeto Geometry Global Hong Kong Senior Account Executive
Serena Cheng Geometry Global Hong Kong Senior Account Executive

The Campaign

WORDDEBT. Use a Greek word. Help a Greek child. We created a digital platform that calculates the amount of words of Greek origin we’ve used on social media and converts it into a monetary amount that gets donated to our charitable cause. Thanks to social media, the world produces more written content than ever in history. This behavior is a fertile ground to make users conscious of the significance of Greece’s contribution to our language and way of living.

Creative Execution

WordDebt.org a global platform lets people calculate the number of words of Greek origin they use on social media, raising awareness on the country’s education crisis while prompting immediate action by suggesting a small amount they can pay for the usage of these words. We want to spread the word through the power of social media amplified with paid ads. WordDebt is an ongoing platform with an aim to restore the education system in Greece through the support received by people around the world.

WordDebt.org launched in End May this year in English, Spanish, French, German and Russian. In less than 2 months and with no Paid Media, WordDebt has caught the attention of media with coverage in Huffington Post and other mainstream publication. People were deeply engaged around the cause and platform on social media leading to organic sharing, comments and wide reach across communities in the world. So far we’ve reached 470 supporters with 6288 Greek words used. We’re now preparing for a second phase paid media amplification to drive further participation and impact and outcome.

We owe a huge cultural debt to Greece; Just English has more than 150,000 words derived from Greek words. And most commonly used words in other widely spoken languages Spanish, French, German and Russian have their roots in Greek. The WordDebt movement is a mobile first experience that is deeply rooted in the modern digital space of personal social media and by tapping into people’s digital social behavior, and reaching users where they are the most engaged. Through their own social media posts, we spread awareness on the extent of Greek contribution to our language, while garnering support through micro-donations. A custom built engine powered by a bot, scanned the Greek origin words in real time and calculate the amount to be donated.

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