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CategoryB03. Social for Mobile
EntrantAKQA Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation AKQA Shanghai, CHINA
Production AKQA Shanghai, CHINA

The Campaign

Wall of Jordan, a socially-inspired mural that pays tribute to Jordan Brand, together with all of China.

Creative Execution

The Wall Of Jordan — a socially-inspired mural that pays tribute to the man himself together with all of China and the undisputed king of figures, Michael Lau. Each artwork on the wall is inspired by people’s tweets that answer the question — What Makes You Jordan? Users were driven to the campaign mobile site, where they submitted their stories. The chosen 30 tweets were turned into pieces of art The mobile site evolved real time, inspiring others like Hiroshi Fujiwara and athletes Liu Xiang and Li Na to participate, earning them the right to be part of the wall. And on the final day of the House of Flight Shanghai (a Jordan gallery built for the 30th anniversary), the wall was presented to none other than MJ himself.

With 46,000 UGC submissions, 438.10% total fan growth, and 720.10% increase in Weibo engagement, The Wall Of Jordan is the brand's most successful digital campaign in China to date. The wall evolved from an artwork to a tribute made by a nation. It evolved from a pair of kicks, to a way of life. And above all, it unleashed their greatness within, earning them the right to be part of the Jordan family. _ 46K UGC SUBMISSIONS, THE BRAND'S MOST SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL CAMPAIGN IN GREATER CHINA TO DATE 438% TOTAL FAN GROWTH 720% INCREASE IN WEIBO ENGAGEMENT

In China, basketball is the number one sport. As fans, they all know who Michael Jordan is but have a vague perception of what made the man a legend. They wear the shoes because of its style on and off the court rather than the performance it brings to the player. The idea was to find a deeper connection between this generation and Jordan himself by challenging the nation to find the Jordan within. Be Part of The Wall. Be Part of The Family.


Name Company Position
Eric Cruz AKQA Shanghai ECD
Derek Lui AKQA Shanghai Copywriter / Creative
Joshua Lim AKQA Shanghai Art Director / Creative
Peepo David AKQA Shanghai Copywriter / Creative
Buboy Paguio AKQA Shanghai Art Director / Animator
Drieke Leenknegt Nike GC NSW Brand Manager
Che Lin Nike GC Brand Digital Director – GC Nike Basketball & Jordan
WonderLabs WonderLabs Digital Production
Teh Lian SIah AKQA Shanghai Designer
Ginger Zhu Nike GC Brand Digital Director
Jam Li AKQA Shanghai Writer
Simon Lee Nike GC Designer Director
PT BLack Nike GC Brand Marketing Manager
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