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The Campaign

Since women stepping out is still considered taboo, we needed to take the academy where the women were. This is when we turned our attention to a device that has more than 80% penetration in India - the mobile phone. Hence was born the concept of converting an entire curriculum for English language training into snack-able content customized for mobile which rural women can learn from and also get evaluated by. The aim was to help them take their first step towards self-confidence and true empowerment by making them employment ready, through the ‘Rin Career Ready Academy’.

Creative Execution

A toll free number (1800-121-4545) was promoted through traditional and social media in target markets. On giving a missed call to the number, we profiled the consumers based on their gender to give preference to women. We tested their English proficiency by asking English translations for words. E.g.: “What is the English translation for ‘Baarish’: (a) Rain (b) water (c) river. [Correct answer ‘Rain’ was prompted to after consumer answered the question.] Deep targeting was done to reach the exact target audience - rural women. The curriculum was converted into 20 learning modules of 5 chapters each. Each Module contained a quiz at the end to assess content comprehension. The caller could also revise previous chapters to answer the quiz again to improve their score. On completing the entire course, the callers were eligible for a certificate given by Rin in partnership with the British Council, an international organization recognized for English education.

We received over 3.3 lacs unique missed calls and over 2.1 lac registrations for the course. Over 72% of those registered, accessed the course modules. We received a record shattering average listening time of 20 minutes for each module (Market Average 2 Min). A total of 90 lakh minutes of course content was heard. For RIN, there was 2.9% increase in households in the targeted markets (7.5 lakh households added). The brand equity also saw an increase in the following image attributes: • 8% increase in those who believe Rin is a brand that is modern and up-to-date • 9% increase in number of consumers who believe Rin is a brand that does good to the society • 19% increase in who believe Rin is a trustworthy brand RIN CAREER READY ACADEMY helped rural women in various pockets of India to be self-sufficient through training, which was the first step towards realizing their true worth and potential.

RCRA was launched in the three states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as a social initiative aiming to enhance livelihood of talented underprivileged young women, by helping them overcome lack of opportunities, explore true potential and give confidence when it mattered the most – job interviews. Finally, the finishing school approach perfectly matched the laundry brand’s promise of providing users clothes that shine through. It educated and equipped the trainees in three critical corporate skills - English speaking, Office Dressing & Interview training. Mobile was the first port of call and premier content delivery channel because of the medium’s enhanced penetrations (~90%) in the target segment and ease of usage. To make the academy more inclusive, participation was through a ‘missed call’ (the caller does not lose any precious ‘talktime minutes’). The system identified the number and consumers got a free incoming call through IVR (Interactive Voice Response).


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