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Name Company Position
Priyanka Agrawal PHD India Associate Director - Digital Strategy
Tinaz Daruwalla PHD India Associate Vice President – Digital Planning
Ronnie Thomas PHD India Media Manager - Mobile Solutions
Kshitij Karnad PHD India AVP - Mobile Solutions
Shevaita Handoo PHD India Business Director - Mobile Solutions
Aunkita Dey PHD India Director - Digital Strategy

The Campaign

Apart from functional benefits of clean and fragrant clothes, the core of brand Wheel stands for the light and playful romance between husband and wife. The brand catalyzes the romance between couples through various boring daily chores such as doing laundry. With Active Wheel consumers being couples living apart and consumed by daily grind of making ends meet, we saw the opportunity to go beyond delivering clean, fragrant clothes and giving them something much more valuable. Active Wheel could kindle their long-distance romance by enabling easy communication and making them smile. The entire media budget was used to create and fund LO KAR LO BAAT (Let’s Talk!) – a mobile service offering couples FREE three minute mobile phone conversation without using their mobile phone credits. For the media dark geographies, our message was carried out on the product pack itself and 10 Million packs were distributed in our key markets.

Creative Execution

LO KAR LO BAAT (LKLB) had a free-to-dial phone number on the pack with the promise of a call back from the superstar Salman Khan, who played cupid by being their personal telephone operator, connecting loved ones. To make sure that LKLB was accessible to all, there weren’t any terms and conditions attached to the program. Additionally, the process was designed to be simple with no registration or code redemption required. Once connected to a pre-recording of Khan, all the caller needed to do was read out the phone number they wanted to call and he would connect them with the help of a specially-created voice recognition software, developed to recognize 19 different Indian dialects - making it user friendly for the semi urban population with limited literacy levels. Whilst this connection was happening, a 30-second ad for Active Wheel’s new formulation would play on both ends of the call.

With no purchase required, even in the least connected regions of India, news spread fast making it one of the most successful campaigns in the history of the brand, with consumers using the service even 6 months after the ‘packs with the campaign message’ were sold out. Total Requests 2.3 lacs + daily Cost/ Impression Rs. 1.9 Key Wheel message 97% recalled Top Of Mind awareness increased by 145% Growth in Sales Volumes 14.5% Total Impressions 16Mn Subscribers 6 Mn + (55% women) More importantly, Active Wheel had connected 8 m Indian couples and won a place in all of their hearts.

India has a majority of its population residing in rural areas with less or no access to mainline media but has high penetration of mobile phones in rural households. Bihar consists of migrant workers, who leave their villages and small towns in search of work and a better life. Whilst this has, in many ways, made positive in-roads towards women gaining greater influence in the running of households, it also means there are now 4.2 Million married Indian couples living apart in order to provide for their families. The only way for these couples to keep in touch is through mobile phones. However, this creates the issue of how much it costs to call regularly and how much of the scarce weekly household budget should be used up. THIS MEANT, SOMETHING AS EVERYDAY AS KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH THE PERSON YOU LOVE IS BECOMING, FOR MANY, AN EXPENSIVE LUXURY.

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