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EntrantW&CIE Boulogne Billancourt, FRANCE
Idea Creation W&CIE Boulogne Billancourt, FRANCE
Production W&CIE Boulogne Billancourt, FRANCE

The Campaign

We launched the first “anti-shopping app” – an app that encourages Chinese tourists to do more sightseeing in Paris and less shopping. We called the app “Paris is our gift”. The promise was simple: the more Parisian monuments you visit, the more duty free vouchers you unlock to shop at the airport. How did it work? By geolocalizing users, the app notifies them when they are near a famous monument. To unlock vouchers, users simply have to snap a photo of themselves at the tourist attractions, and share it on Chinese social media via Weibo and Wechat. Our target audience got the best of two worlds: an enhanced sightseeing experience in Paris, and vouchers for better deals in the airport’s Duty Free.

Creative Execution

The application was launched as the center piece of a global campaign targeting Mainland China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. We targeted Chinese travelers that were coming to Paris via social media platforms: Weibo, Wechat & Mafengwo for Mainland China, and Facebook for Hong Kong & Taiwan. We started the campaign 3 weeks before the Chinese New Year via native and sponsored content that drove app downloads. When they arrived in Paris, chinese-speaking hostesses welcomed them and encouraged them to download the app if they hadn’t aldeady. In Paris, Chinese travelers where reminded to engage and participate – but in subtle ways. Instead of “spamming” them, the app would nudge them whenever they approached one of the top Parisian monuments. A push reminded them to take a picture and to share it with their friends. Whenever they shared a photo @ParisAirports on weibo, our community management team in Shanghai engaged with them.

52% of the tourists coming from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were met by our hostesses Over 9 000 000 impressions for the social media campaign, with CTR rates of up to 6,7% for certain KOL sponsored content. Over 500 000 social media interactions were registered from app users 391 000 vouchers were unlocked and ready to use in Paris airport duty free.

Research showed that that our Chinese tourists spend more than 50% of their time shopping when in Paris – yet, 72% they claim that sightseeing is their #1 priority, well ahead of shopping. We also know that the Chinese are among the heaviest mobile & social media users in the world. And that they are addicted to deals & discounts. We decided to leverage these two insights by developing a mobile centric strategy which positioned Paris Airport as an enhancer of the Paris tourist experience: rewarding tourists who actually visit Paris with exclusive deals at the airport.


Name Company Position
Gabriel Lippis W&CIE Executive Creative Director
Grégoire Weil W&CIE Deputy General Director
Charley Bourguignon W&CIE Conceptor
Asma Kanzari W&CIE Writter
Guillaume Dupré W&CIE Art Director
Lingyi Ren W&CIE Web designer
Laura Delbourgo W&CIE Digital & Social Project Manager
Pauline Lafuma W&CIE Project Manager
Marguerite de Lacharrière W&CIE Project Director
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