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EntrantNOMURA Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation NOMURA Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 MUSEGRAM INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 3 KOOZYT, INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production NOMURA Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 MUSEGRAM INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 KOOZYT, INC. Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

“Fuji-meguri” of the Center introduces natural environments original to Fujisan resulting from its volcanic activities and forestry ecosystem. It also reveals the history of people’s engagement with Fujisan and quite a number of artistic products from the ancient times. There are some unique points in this Center. The first is visitors’ real experience where handy “Fuji-meguri” and the exhibition space are successfully synchronized. The second is its usefulness in that visitors can share and enjoy the exhibition space and the real space spreading more than 1000 kilometers around Fujisan.

Creative Execution

At the outset conventional exhibition space was contemplated, but with the change of mobile environment such communication means as mixture of exhibition and mobile application was explored. As a result, visitors can experience exceptionally unique exhibition space. Through the exhibition space they can experience condensed religious world of Mt.Fuji area spreading a radius of 1000 kilometers around its peak. Their experiences include AR contents application which originates from 30 spots as mobile application and location guidance contents by means of Beacon.

Fujisan is well known all across Japan and the world, but its real value is rarely understood. “Fujisan World Heritage Center” inaugurated in June ,2016 can for the first time provide with its mobile application “Fuji-meguri” and its exhibition space such opportunities as both Japanese and foreign visitors can comprehensively study and enjoy Mt. Fuji’s attraction and value in a casual and relaxed manner. In other words, this Center can provide the Yamanashi Prefecture, its local people and Japanese and foreign visitors with such space as to share the value and meaning in order to succeed Fujisan as a World Heritage.

It is expected that climbers and tourists of Fujisan numbering more than 3 million annually and local people will visit this Center. In particular, foreign visitors are welcome to this Center and 7 languages are available based on the statistics of the recent trend of the foreign visitors such as Japanese, English, two types of Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Indonesian. The exhibition’s basic concept is to meet varied curiosity of the visitors. Explanation of about 40 famous spots and multi-dimensional AR explanation of pilgrimage roads originating from the ancient times are available. In addition figures of famous people active in this area and related animated explanation are exhibited. Audio explanation is also available for the Japanese visitors.


Name Company Position
Kaori Akazawa NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Designer
Hiroyoshi Mima NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Director
Masanori Yokoyama NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Account Manager
Kouhei Mizoguchi NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Account Director
Yuuichi Kamayama NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Planner
Ryuta Ohashi NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Planner
Yuichiro Tsutsumi NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Designer
Kenichi Kishikawa NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Production Designer
Kensaku Yajima NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Production Manager
Yuka Ohara NOMURA Co.,Ltd. Assistant Production Manager
Jotaro Shibuya MUSEGRAM INC. Creative Director
Keigo Ihara Koozyt, Inc. Technical Director
Atsushi Shionozaki Koozyt, Inc. Technical Director
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