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CategoryA06. Connected Devices
Idea Creation HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kazuhiro Suda Hakuhodo Executive Creative Director
Airo Takanohashi Hakuhodo Executive Creative Director
Jyutaro Mochizuki Hakuhodo i-studio Creative Director
Yuto Kumon Hakuhodo i-studio Technical Director
Toshihiko Shindo Hakuhodo i-studio Programmer
Hiroki Matsuse Hakuhodo i-studio Programmer
Ryo Matsugane Hakuhodo i-studio Back end engineer
Shota Takano Hakuhodo i-studio Programmer
Takahiro Eguchi Hakuhodo Creative Director
Masako Shimizu Hakuhodo Copywriter
Kei Nakamura Hakuhodo Copywriter
Keita Kojima Hakuhodo Art Director
Masateru Kametani Hakuhodo Culater
Yu Miyaji Hatapuro Inc. Designer
Takehito Shiina cRay Ltd. Producer
Yusuke Imura cRay Ltd. Producer
Tatsuro Kano cRay Ltd. Production Manager
Toshiki Akaike Free Cameraman
Tomohiro Matsumoto Root-works Editor
Takanari Yamashita BlueCurrent Japan Inc. Senior Account Manager
Kazuya Hirai BlueCurrent Japan Inc. Senior Account Executive
Ryuji Andou BlueCurrent Japan Inc. Account Executive
Chihiro Furukawa BlueCurrent Japan Inc. Media Manager
Tokuko Otsu BlueCurrent Japan Inc. Media Promoter
Seiji Kamimura Nagaoka university of technology Professor

The Campaign

“Yukikaki Dojo,” a local NPO that supports snow shoveling, created the world’s first ioT device with Nagaoka University of Technology, that turns snow shoveling into an entertaining game. When you shovel the snow with this device, the pressure sensor reacts and the weight of the snow and calories are calculated in the app. You can also collect various snow sculpture icons according to the total amount of snow shoveled. The results can be shared by SNS, and you can also compete with your friends. It also calculates calorie consumption. The more you dig, the more calories you burn.

Creative Execution

In 2015,“Yukikaki Dojo,” a local NPO that supports snow shoveling, collaborated with Nagaoka University of Technology, and started to develop the device. In January 2016,built up a prototype version. In Febuary 2016,improved pressure sensor. In Febuary 2016,designed snow statue icons. In Febuary 2016,launched DIG-LOG. In March 2016, held a snow shoveling event at Kinusato Village, Kamimizuuchi City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. More than 100 people came to this event and experienced DIG-LOG. In March 2016,DIG-LOG exhibited at the SXSW. It was picked up as a remarkable work. In fact, the top three cities of the world’s snowfall ranking is all in Japan. So there are many possibilities to spread DIG-LOG in Japan. Moreover, it can make other hard tasks like, cleaning, farming, and restoration activities more interesting and fun with DIG-LOG.

Over 80% of DIG-LOG users said that snow shoveling became more fun, and their work efficiency rose by 120%. This project was covered by the media as a new form of snow shoveling. It was presented at SXSW and got attention from the world. It can make other hard tasks like, cleaning, farming, and restoration activities more interesting and fun with DIG-LOG.

The core strategy was to turn hard labor into a fun activity. As targets are the people who feel everyday snow shoveling stressful and tiring, and people who usually are involved in snow shoveling. To stimulate people’s self motivation, we calculated the amount of snow, and calorie consumption. By visualizing the data, game side of the element like competing and sharing the number with friends, collecting snow sculpture icons converted by to the total amount of shoveled snow. Moreover, calculation of calorie consumption, also stimulates the users desire to loose weight.

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