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Wai Foong Leong, Sharlene Wu, Airy Han, Run Qi Zhang, Steven Ruan, Yetta Shi, Tom Mangione, Lin Zheng, Eric Wu, Alvina Seah, Anita Hsieh, Wendy Hua, Alex Zhao, Pride Fang, Elvin Chen BBDO and Proximity China Chairman & CCO, Greater China; Managing Director; Creative Director; Art Director;Group Head ;Senior Copywriter; Head of English Copywriter ; Associate Art Director; Producer Business; Director Accou

The Campaign

Today’s young Chinese travelers no longer have the same mentality as before. The insight is that they are less interested in group tours and just visiting famous landmarks. Instead, they want to explore beyond these key attractions and engage in novel experiences. The idea was to show and convince our young travelers that Visa as a payment brand understands their needs. Unlike China Union Pay that is available only in major merchants, Visa with its unparalleled coverage is widely accepted, even in the small store in the corner of a quaint street, letting them experience the different kind of travel experience that they are looking for.

Creative Execution

We started from an interactive video in which a local salaryman led two Chinese tourists on a chase to some of Osaka’s most unique small merchants. As the chase unfolded, viewers could click on the video and see what it was like to experience these exciting Visa merchants for themselves. They could pick out fresh fish like a sushi chef, savor a cup of coffee while lounging in a hammock, or kick back after work like a real Osaka salaryman. After watching the video, consumers were directed to the Dianping-partnered site where they could get more information about Visa merchants off the beaten track in Osaka. They can also use the LBS service to find the merchants easily. These were supported by relevant social topics and posts, to enhance the campaign awareness and engagement.

• 850+ Million Impressions • 19+Million Webpage Views, 65% Above Target • 1.9+ Million Interactive Site Visit, Doubled The Target • 16,470+ Retweets & Comments • Brand Preference Raised 40%

Young Chinese travellers used be happy taking photos of themselves in front of the Eiffel Tower, as any typical tourist would do, they are now looking for richer experiences. They tend to look into several travel tips and eager to find out more interesting stuff but often feel a little disappointed about the same old content. Therefore, Visa is here to give travellers a whole new way to explore and plan for their trip. • Interactive video: using original content with interactive function to drive attention and interest. This is further supported by social media that help to create buzz and enhance engagement. • Merchant Webpage: Showing unique Visa merchants to let consumer enjoy a different travel experience. LBS service is provided by the media partner- Dianping, which make it easier for consumers to explore the merchant.

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