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EntrantENJIN Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation ENJIN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Seiichi Nishikawa ENJIN Inc. Communication Design Director
Tomonari Endo ENJIN Inc. Creative Director
Takuto Kawata ENJIN Inc. Art Director / Designer / Planner
Rika Anpo ENJIN Inc. Copywriter / Planner
Yuki Saito ENJIN Inc. Communication Design / Account Supervisor
Masamitsu Higashi ENJIN Inc. Account Supervisor
Shota Kotooka ENJIN Inc. Account Exective
Kana Seno ENJIN Inc. Art Director
Junichi Nakazawa ENJIN Inc. Executive Creative Director
Kotaro Murano ENJIN Inc. Strategic Planner
Morihito Kumano eredie2 Web Planner
Yoshiyuki Yanagida eredie2 Web Producer / Web Director
Eri Sakon eredie2 Web Planner
Ken Murata SONICJAM Web Producer
Yuto Nara SONICJAM Technical director / Web Director
Ryo Ikeda SONICJAM Frontend Engineer
Yoshiya Watanabe SONICJAM Frontend Engineer
Ryoko Miyanishi SONICJAM Backend Engineer
Kensuke Okuhara SONICJAM Backend Engineer
Suguru Yamaguchi Manual of Errors Artists Music Composer
Kaoru Ogawa CINQ DIRECTIONS Desinger
Mari Yamada CINQ DIRECTIONS Desinger
Daisuke Kobayashi Daisuke Kobayashi Photography Photographer
Jun Fujiwara - Photographer
Hirotaka Sato ROBOT Communications inc. Producer
Keisuke Hirata ROBOT Communications inc. Production Manager
Yuichiro Sato - Director
Shimon Tani - Cinematographer
YOPPY - Stylist
Kenji Takeshima - Hair & Make

The Campaign

Is there any way to use the Smartphone, the cause of the isolation effect, and connect people in person? Our answer was a special mobile content, to share special experience and excitement together with the caring ones. By placing their smartphones side by side, friends could watch the fabulous parade move across their screens. Unlimited number of smartphones can be connected, so the more the merrier! The number of smartphones connected could be shared on the SNS.

Creative Execution

The campaign period was for approximately 2 months during the Christmas season. A website for was set up, so there was no need to download any application and was available on the web browser of the smartphone. By sharing a single Group ID, all smartphones of the group member become connected and the parade begins to move across the screens. To attract the Guest’s interest, we varied the effects of the parade depending on the number of smartphones connected.

In less than one week from its release, the number of people who experienced this mobile content exceeded 1 million. The Motivation Rate to visit the Park reached a record high of 88%. The largest group formed was with 53 smartphones! Many users commented and posted movie images on social medias such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and You Tube. It was featured on many Television Programs and internet media and made a buzz throughout Japan. It also crossed borders and connected people in over 80 countries.

It is a well-known fact that Tokyo Disneyland provides happiness to Guests. The aim of this mobile content was to take a step further, and enable Guests the special experience in their everyday life. This way, not only the passionate Disney fans, but also Guests who have not visited the Park in a while can recall the happiness through this mobile content. This way, we could make one solution to the social problem of the smartphones and provide Guests an opportunity to realize the fascination of the Park and motivate them to visit the park at the same time.

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