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Product / ServiceSAMSUNG GALAXY S7
CategoryD02. Use of Co-Creation & User Generated Content
Production LUNAR FILMS Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Mark Hadfleld iris Regional Planning Director
Alasdair Gray iris Planning Director
Ed Cheong iris Executive Creative Director
Sylvester Poh iris Creative Group Head
Adam Yeo iris Creative Group Head
Jessie Lam iris Creative
Luke Nathans iris Regional CEO
Margaret Leong iris Group Account Director
Frances Gerk iris Agency Producer
Jocelyn Lee Lunar Films Senior Producer

The Campaign

On social media such as Instagram, millennials post their best videos and photos in return of social recognition and bragging rights. But the right moments often end up being captured by the wrong phones, resulting in bad video and image quality. We got in touch with these users and offered them the chance to relive their moments – with none other than the S7's lowlight camera and water-resistant capabilities. We brought them back to where the action originally took place and rolled the S7's camera. The campaign featured real users in real moments, demonstrating the real S7 difference. Their new videos are reposted on social media for all to see.

Creative Execution

Videos of real users reliving their moments with the S7 are released on social media across Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. We then called for entries - asking viewers to post videos of moments they wish was captured on the S7 instead. Entries poured in over the course of 1 month. The videos and engagement took place on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With our GCRM data, we followed up with sequential messaging towards existing customers who have not upgraded to the S7.

The campaign had successfully contributed to an amazing 33% of the total sales in revenue. It generated over 29,000 interactions and commentaries on social media. Countless users also responded by posting their own worst-captured best moments, in hopes to right the wrong, expressing a real need for the S7.

After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile, we've discovered a large number of 'fence sitters' who aren't convinced enough to make the purchase. Where above-the-line media channels were exhausted by previous communications, we took to social media and presented them with what they were really looking for: real-life examples of what the S7 could do.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

To identify and understand our target audience, we gathered data from our bespoke GCRM platform and social listening that looked at how the previous S6 launch and current S7 launch were perceived. The target audience were 'fence sitters' who weren't convinced by existing launch communications. We also learnt that they were increasingly disillusioned by overly-veneered influencers featured in prior communications. Hence, we arrived at featuring real-world examples of the S7 in action. With our GCRM data, we reached out to existing customers who hadn’t upgraded to the S7 via social media and via email. As these fence sitters are actively looking online for reviews, content and advice, we showed them a market-specific example of a compelling S7 benefit – followed by sequential messaging via EDMs.


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