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Product / ServiceINSURANCE
CategoryC02. Use of Mobile
EntrantGPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Production GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ben Coulson Y&R Group Chief Creative Officer
Andrew Thompson Y&R Group Executive Creative Director
Ash Kennedy GPY&R Brisbane Copywriter
Carl Lough GPY&R Brisbane Art Director
Fiona Caird GPY&R Brisbane General Manager
Kohbe Vela GPY&R Brisbane Head of Broadcast and Content Production

The Campaign

Suncorp had recently teamed up with Trov, a US tech firm, that had created an app that allowed you to keep a record of what you owned. This was the platform we would use to answer the brief, but we needed to package it in a creative way to make it ownable for our brand. We created Stuffies. They’re like Selfies for your stuff. A whole new photo category that would help people keep a record of their stuff, and allow us to use the omnipresence of selfies to strike a chord. Using the app we encouraged customers to take Stuffies, and have an accurate record of what they owned, safely stored forever. By uploading photos of their stuff they even received a valuation for it based on a database of similar items. They could even include photos of receipts – and insure it all at the same time.

Creative Execution

We created short content pieces that encouraged people to put down the selfie sticks and download Trov instead. We also used outdoor sites where people could download the app for free immediately using the QR code on the poster. We ended every piece of digital comms with the hashtag #takeastuffie which became a trending topic on Twitter during launch week. EDM’s were sent to all existing Suncorp Insurance customers with a link to download the app immediately.

Over 50,000 people downloaded the Suncorp Insurance Trov app in the first week. Uploading an average of 120 stuffies photos each with an average value per user of $187,000. Nearly 40% of downloads came from non-Suncorp customers, giving us the data to target them in one-on-one acquisition. We could also successfully cross-sell our insurance to current customers, highlighting the dangers of being under-insured. Roy Morgan Needscope Research also showed that the Suncorp Insurance brand had made a considerable leap up into the Innovative categories.

Most insurance companies use a traditional mix of mainstream media. To drive downloads of our Stuffies app, we used only social, online and mobile media.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Because selfies and digital photos are always filling up our facebook and instagram feeds, it made sense to make this a digitally led direct campaign. We used Facebook Audiences to identify different targets across life stages and used relevant content for them. For example, younger people were more into protecting smartphones and cameras, whereas older audiences wanted to protect furniture and watches. We made sure people were seeing a relevant message about Stuffies for the kind of stuff they had. Each piece of work used the App store icons for Apple and Google Play, encouraging people to download the app straight away. There was also a CTA of for people to find out more.