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Name Company Position
Saurabh Varma Leo Burnett Chief Executive Officer - South Asia
Raj Deepak Das Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer
Sanju Menon Leo Burnett Vice President
Rajiv Wadhwa Leo Burnett Associate Vice President
Varsha Roy Leo Burnett Brand Associate
Akshaya Karanth Leo Burnett Brand Strategy Associate
Prajato Guha, Sachin Kamble Leo Burnett Executive Creative Director
Kevin Lobo Leo Burnett Creative Director
Vikrant Yadav Leo Burnett Creative Director
Deepak Jage Leo Burnett Art Director
Harshad Hardikar Indigo Consulting COO
Navin Kansal Indigo Consulting National Creative Director
Deepak Gopalakrishnan Indigo Consulting Associate Vice President
Aditya Seshadri, Viresh Pawar, Sacchidanand Chavan Indigo Consulting Associate Creative Director
Satyawan Hande, Sushant Sawal Indigo Consulting Group Head
Ramesh Shah Indigo Consulting Associate Vice President
Yatin Tondwalkar, Mangesh Paralkar, Milind Haldankar Indigo Consulting Art Director
Alok Mathkar Indigo Consulting Senior Developer
Dhaval Doshi Indigo Consulting Associate Vice President
Alfie Saldanha Indigo Consulting Senior Social Media Manager
Angad Chowdhary Indigo Consulting Associate Account Director
Sumeet Narang Bajaj Auto Vice President - Marketing (Motorcycles)
Soumya Das Bajaj Auto Deputy General Manager
Debasmitta Dutta Bajaj Auto Management Trainee
Rajesh Saathi Keroscene Films Director
Aparna Ganesh Keroscene Films Associate Director
Gauri Chikhalikar Keroscene Films Director of Photography
Ebyug Akhil Keroscene Films Assistant Director
Anikita Malhotra Gurjar, Harish Nambiar Keroscene Films Producer
Sanchit Balhara Keroscene Films Music Director

The Campaign

BAJAJ V – THE NATION’S BIKE. A BIKE FORGED WITH THE PRIDE OF THE NATION. We could not let such a historic figure fade into oblivion this way. We wanted her legend to live on. We wanted to bring back Vikrant’s lost pride, and with that the nation’s. We partnered with Bajaj Motorcycles, bought the legendary metal, melted it, moulded it and created – for the first time ever – a motorcycle infused with the metal of a historic warship. A bike made with the spirit of Vikrant, for the spirit of India. An opportunity for millions to be a direct part of the legend’s rebirth. To own a piece of history.

Creative Execution

We chose an important day for Indian pride – the Republic Day – as context to our campaign. And released an evocative Teaser Film on YouTube focusing on Vikrant’s story and our role in restoring her. And got Sons of Vikrant to drive the feeling of pride to the last mile: 1.SONS OF VIKRANT DOCUMENTARY / SERIES: Documentary featuring Sons of Vikrant reliving her glory. Converted to a YouTube series. 2.FIRST DAY EVENT: First day of sale turned into a celebration of pride at Retail Stores, with Sons of Vikrant handing out the first keys. 3.EXCLUSIVE SCREENING GALA: Hosted a tribute gala with Sons of Vikrant as guests of honour. And invited influential media and business personalities for an exclusive screening of the documentary. 4.NATIONAL ANTHEM TIE-UP: Partnered with reputed theatre chain to play our rendition of the National Anthem featuring Sons of Vikrant before every screening.

First and foremost, Vikrant was born again – not just physically, but in the minds and hearts of the nation. The teaser film triggered a series of activities, online and offline. The entire nation stood up to applaud the effort and honour the legend in her new form, with #BajajV trending higher than #RepublicDay itself. And Online & National Media couldn’t stop talking about us! We garnered 0.7 Million USD worth of free media coverage in one week. Creating a cumulative 160 million impressions, reaching out to 32 million, overall. Most importantly, V sold 11,000 bikes on the first day of launch itself! And now has a 3-month waiting period, with Bajaj upping their production capacity from 20,000 to 50,000 units monthly – making it a brand worth $0.5 billion in annual turnover with less than 10% of marketing investments!

A new brand of motorcycles made War Veterans their medium of communication to inspire an upset nation of millions to rekindle & celebrate the Indian pride.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

ONLY A BRAND SEEN AS THE TRUE SON OF INDIA–SUCH AS BAJAJ MOTORCYCLES–CAN REINSTATE THE NATION’S LOST PRIDE. Renowned for making products that have become a part of our national fabric, no other brand that has been a truer reflection of India than Bajaj Motorcycles. We believed Bajaj was best suited to honour Vikrant. In the manner they know best–making motorcycles. BRINGING PRIDE TO EVERY INDIAN BY MAKING WAR VETERANS THE MEDIUM OF DELIVERY. We wanted people to relive the legend of Vikrant. Deliver a renewed sense of pride to every Indian. And believed no other voice can emote the story better than those who’ve lived the story. We partnered with Navy veterans who served the warship–including those who fought the 1971 Indo-Pak War–the “Sons of Vikrant”. And created an integrated plan, with our evangelists central to driving the narrative of “forged with collective pride".


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