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The Campaign

How do you plan your holidays? - Inspired by friends’ photos on social? - Research using comparison tools? - Read reviews on Trip Advisor? - Browsing articles? - Seeing good deals? Chances are it’s a mix of the above. Travel planning is no longer a linear process or one that takes place solely at the travel agent. 52% of travelers are using social media to plan a trip and 92% of consumers trust earned, social media, word of mouth & recommendations above all forms of advertising. The new generation of experienced travelers today want the most unique & authentic experiences. They turn to reviews made by other travelers or locals to discover hidden gems off the beaten track, and look for an adventure beyond the brochure.

Creative Execution

Social content went global and was broadcasted across Adshel’s digital & interactive panels nationally & internationally, including Oxford Street, London, Paris and Singapore in celebration of World Tourism Day. Leveraging on latest social trends, a fast flash GIF video content series showcasing influencer content was created to spread helloworld’s global initiative. helloworld became the 1st travel vertical in Australia to use Instagram’s new high-impact Marquee product, ensuring a 1m Reach with low frequency in just 1-day. A Twitter Promoted Trend ensured on World Tourism Day, #helloworldRELAY content sat at the top of news feeds. With each of the 80 destination partners, super agents put together compelling deals, to turn lookers into bookers. Smart retargeting meant that beautiful imagery from Oman, was converted into a sale call to action and served to that user throughout travel planning.

The results reflected the global scale of the campaign: 1. Successfully raised brand awareness by reaching 8.1m Australians on social media & gaining a 10 point lift in recall on Instagram amongst both 21-34 and 45+ audiences 2. Delivered a 5% engagement rate across social, cementing brand affinity between helloworld & the new generation of travelers. 3. Web traffic hit record levels, with a 145.7% increase in web traffic month on month The power of the Instagrammers shone brightly, with a combined 12 million reach globally. The general public participated, driving 25,000 social conversations & images uploaded to the #helloworldRELAY hashtag from 200+ destinations. Critically, this delivered on business objectives. With website visits up 145.7%, a campaign ROI of 1:169 and air passengers, cruises and land trips seeing impactful lift. Over 10k sales enquiries were generated in just 7 days. helloworld found their next generation of customers.

#helloworldrelay is a great example of a traditional brand embracing a forward thinking & progressive strategy. Using social media, digital & interactive collaboratively, brought brand to life in a contemporary and modern way. The campaign finds a captivating way to engage new travelers to turn lookers into bookers.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

helloworld held the world’s first global Instagram relay - the #helloworldRELAY. A global social media movement leading up to World Tourism Day on September 27, where, in 80 countries, Instagrammers with huge followings took us on a journey of that destination from sunrise to sunset. For 12 hours, an army of storytellers inspired fellow travelers with iconic imagery, before passing on the baton of the relay to the next country. The scale of the campaign sparked public engagement too, with people joining the social movement and uploading their favourite holiday hints and tips to the #helloworldRELAY hashtag on Instagram. Beautiful travel content from across the globe was aggregated in real time onto the #helloworldRELAY interactive map http://relay.helloworld.com.au, where people could visit, browse and gain inspiration from the wealth of stunning imagery. But for helloworld, this was our opportunity to convert.

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