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Renee Tan Ipg Mediabrands (Singapore) Pte Ltd Business Director

The Campaign

To drive awareness, other than continuing our sponsorship for Asia’s Next Top Model (ANTM), Neutrogena took a big step to have its first brand ambassador. Brand ambassadors are one of the most influential and positive types of marketing, brand ambassador can use promotional strategies to strengthen customer-brand relationships and ultimately influence our target audience to purchase Neutrogena products. Together with deepened infusion with ANTM sponsorship, this can increase brand awareness and product reach. Not only this, brand ambassadors can humanize our brand, strengthening our image. To increase direct sales, working with key retailers is crucial. Implementing displays with large visibility can better capture shoppers’ attention to boost sales.

Creative Execution

In 2015, to be more infused with ANTM instead of merely being a sponsor, each model was assigned a Neutrogena product for the weekly photoshoot theme and asked to portray it while photographed with the iconic Neutrogena water splash. The top 3 photos from the episode were featured exclusively in-store with a key beauty retailer during the important GSS month, alongside our best selling products. Leveraging on our ambassador’s on social media platforms, we have her showing how Neutrogena takes care of her skincare needs in both humid and cold weather when she traveled for work. In complement of these, we focus on print editorials, to educate and engage our target audience, such as debunking skincare myths and answering reader’s queries. To strengthen in-store presence in key retailers, we enhance with entrance arcs, sensometic gates, gondola ends and shelf dress-ups.

On top of our 45% revenue growth, Neutrogena has won 31 beauty and industry awards celebrating our products so far, our most notable being the ‘Best Long Term Strategy’ award from Guardian, our key retailer. Sales for Skincare, suncare and body categories have grown 24%, 85% and 110% respectively from 2014 to 2015. (Source: J&J Net Trade Sales Data from 2013 to May 2016) For H2 2016, Neutrogena continues to actively engage retailers with long-term shopper programmes, invest in social listening and create bespoke content to engage current users and draw in new shoppers.

This campaign is done to deliver a turning point for Neutrogena, revolutionary ideas were needed. Neutrogena needed to explore more grounds creatively, making it relevant for this category. This work has implemented ideas from various channels and goes out of its normal marketing channel, to endorse its first brand ambassador to enhance and amplify Neutrogena’s turning point strategy.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

To achieve our objectives, we have chosen 2 main strategies: (a) to grow relationship with retailers (b) engage target audience through internet-based content. Hence, we partnered key retailers to create in-store visibility for launches. We also continued to leverage on our sponsorship for Asia’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 3 &4, with its premiere episode being rated the highest amongst females 15+ and 25+ (Source: Kantar Media Singapore, 22 May 2016), which is Neutrogena’s target audience. To further extend our reach into Neutrogena’s target audience, we have chosen to endorse our first ambassador from ANTM’s finalists. In 2015, we want to engage our target audience through content. To cover our grounds, we have chosen to connect with our TA through magazines, such as Cleo, Her World and Teenage. We target to connect with our target audience using content that resonates with them.