CategoryE01. Use of Integrated Media
Idea Creation MINDSHARE Colombo, SRI LANKA


Name Company Position
Bakmee Perera Mindshare Team Unilever Director

The Campaign

We sought to make Sunlight’s core audience is expansive, going beyond a usual Female oriented activity, we expanded the media audience from the creative audience reaching out to the Male audience as well befitting the heritage brand status it has held. The new-year is an occasion where everything becomes new, everyone wishes for a better year, in other words where everything becomes fragrant with the hopes and wishes for a good start.. We sought to make this a n opportunity to introduce both our new brand and new promise to our audience.. In Sri Lanka it is customary to start the year with a wish for those close to you.. These same ideals were brought to a media space in the form of a “Fragrant wish” that brought the whole nation together at a single moment.. A moment that all of Sri Lanka shared together.. As one nation.

Creative Execution

- Unarguably the biggest media innovation ever attempted Sri Lanka’s first multi channel simulcast bring together a fleet of over 12 media channels both TV & Radio together from the 4 corners of Sri Lanka –North/South/East/West through Live broadcast. A feet never attempted before in the Sri Lankan TV industry even for the government. On the 1stof January all of Sri Lanka joined hands in welcoming the New Year with a Fragrant wish, materialized through lighting of rose fragranced incense which was celebrated with a communications platform “Sunlight Rose Wish” Celebrations. This also became the platform for the new product unveiling. - - In a country where auspicious times and omens are looked upon before any new beginning, sunlight created what no other brand had ever done before. An auspicious time was for the country on the 1st of January with the support of revered astrologers.

- Whilst the Build-up achieved a whopping 61% of TG within mere 10 days. 1st Jan simulcast reached 41% of the overall the Sri Lankan TV audience at the time within just 15 mts. In fact the same belt garnered only 8% reach during the 1st January 2015. And reaching 75% of the audience within just 5 days of launch. On the intangible deliveries there was also unprecedented synergies being built across media for the Print media innovation with Morning Headline TV picking up the sunlight scented newspapers story taking the message & experience of fragrance to a wider audience. The campaign gave new Sunlight the boost it needed in both Trade and the Consumer front with share gains which left Sunlight over delivering its annual sales target within just 3 month. The connections it created Sunlight’s highest Equity score in recorded history, surpassing the TOM scores set for Q1.

Because of being a campaign developed with a unique local insight with innovative and bold use of traditional media and integration across mediums and channels. Not just limiting output to a one way communication but developing an engagement mechanism through smart use on media and power of hyper-localized content. Delivering Sri Lanka’s largest innovation by building a chain of media partnerships and being able to deploy a campaign that no other advertiser or even the Sri Lankan government never had the opportunity to deploy with a minimal cost impact to brand but massive consumer impact delivering high brand results.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The target consisted of male/female audiences from age 20+ till 50 years encompassing the total island, who come from Sinhala/Tamil speaking communities (which are the 2 leading ethnic sects of the country). As with a heritage brand that transcends between races, religions, cultures and age groups, sunlight’s core audience is a broadly definable. - We had to come up with not just a way of bringing the nation together, we also had to plan the activities and media so as to reach the whole country due to the magnitude of the brand. - Being credible and using credible mediums was at the heart of the integrations and communication channels used. This meant we had to select the close at heart mediums for the executions. And with a penetration of 93%+ with TV medium it lied at the centre of content creation and was made the base platform for deployment.