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Product / ServiceKFC
CategoryA04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation MINDSHARE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Production MINDSHARE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Carey Wang Mindshare General Manager
Bolin Wang Mindshare General Manager, Content+
Katerina Liu Mindshare Associate Director, Yum!
Kelvin Gu Mindshare Associate, Content+
Teresa Wang Mindshare Associate, Yum!

The Campaign

We noticed a unique gap across KFC’s massive existing customers. While they tend to watch TV, use the internet, and are active on their mobile devices as you would expect, they indexed well below the average when it came to video/mobile and PC games. This was quite surprising, as the PC gaming market in China is enormous. And no game is more popular than the current #1 heavyweight, League of Legends. Every day, more than 80M Chinese spend two hours on League of Legends, a real-time strategy game. Two hours when they were immersed in this virtual realm and unwilling to take a break from the gaming to order in. We realized there was an opportunity for KFC.

Creative Execution

And the very first service offered KFC a foot in the virtual door – by offering the world’s first in-game delivery service – with a single click gamers could easily order KFC delivery from within the game. There was no need to switch to the online ordering site or shift attention to their phones – KFC was available right there through the game with one click. We also stocked up our 1 button delivery ordering service with a special set menu designed for eating one-handed. Bye-bye sticky keyboards! Supporting this integration was a massive offline effort that included League of Legends themed KFC restaurants across China – this brought the League of Legends experience to the masses. Customers at the restaurants could receive the full League of Legends experience – from cosplay performances to promotional materials.

As gamers arrived in droves to KFC outlets across China, we experienced some phenomenal results from the partnership. Unlike other ad placement in games that disturbs or interrupts the experience, KFC’s integrated one-click delivery with League of Legends actually makes the game a better environment. We provided gamers what they want exactly how they want it.

Being around in China for almost 30 years, KFC is the no.1 western fast food chain in China. How do you continue to grow as no.1? When we analyze the massive target audience of KFC, we realized a unique opportunity within the gaming community. Working with the biggest online game developer in China, we were able to gather key insights around gamers. We developed a world first in game delivery service. Unlike other ad placement in games that disturbs the experience, KFC’s integrated one-click delivery made the game a better environment. And the response with gamers was overwhelmingly positive.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

As the #1 quick service brand, it was clear that a partnership should start with China’s #1 game, League of Legends, but critically we needed to approach the gamers in an authentic manner. Working with Tencent Gaming we were able to understand in-depth the mechanics of the game itself, and identify the key requirements of dedicated PC gamers. We were able to identify a critical insight of playing League of Legends – or any online game for that matter. With all of the constant action, taking both hands away from the keyboard could prove disastrous for the players – so we offered the world’s first in-game delivery service, with a single click gamers could easily order KFC delivery from within the game. We also made sure that the menu was full of items that could easily be eaten one-handed.