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Product / ServiceBAR-B-Q PLAZA
CategoryA04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation GREYnJ UNITED Bangkok, THAILAND
Contributing FOOD PASSION Bangkok, THAILAND
Contributing 2 PETPAL PRODUCTS CO Saraburi, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Ali Shabaz GREY GROUP SEA Chief Creative Officer
Per Pedersen GREY GLOBAL Chairman Global Creative Council
Jureeporn Thaidumrong GREYnJ United Chief Creative Officer
Andrew Chu GREYnJ United Executive Creative Director
Matthana Saetiaw GREYnJ United Art Director
Arnon Kantawang GREYnJ United Art Director
Worrawan Chailert GREYnJ United Copywriter
Subbaraju Alluri GREY GROUP Chief Executive Officer
Kanaporn Hutcheson GREYnJ United Managing Director
Konthamas Ratanasuvan GREYnJ United Client Service Director
Pojanee Sowantip GREYnJ United Account Director
Kodchakorn Walaphon GREYnJ United Account Executive
Nattabhat Jumpathong GREYnJ United Account Executive
Chalinee Songsroi GREYnJ United Social Media Specialist
Prapapan Lekda GREYnJ United Social Media Specialist
Jongkoch Dusittanakarin GREYnJ United Strategic Planner
Kanoksak Kanchanachutha GREYnJ United Agency Producer
Kidthungsamur Thongdang GREYnJ United Agency Producer
Sirichai Yotatikunchai GREYnJ United Art Director
Cholada Pengprapatna GREYnJ United Copywriter

The Campaign

We redefined the traditional doggy bag by creating the “ALL-YOU-CAN’T-EAT” Doggy Bag - a well-balanced and nutritious BBQ-flavoured dog food made from the leftovers in our restaurants and factories.

Creative Execution

We collaborated with PetPal, Thailand’s largest pet food manufacturer, in order to adhere to health and quality standards. After trying out a few recipes, we cooked up a well-balanced and nourishing BBQ-flavoured dog food. We carefully portioned it for just one dog and sealed in a packet to keep its freshness. The dog food was available at every Bar-B-Q Plaza restaurants, and redefined the doggy bag as consumers queued up to collect their leftovers. We donated 16.5 tons to dog shelters and vet clinics around the country, while consumers and dog lovers helped us feed pets and stray dogs in their neighbourhood.


16.5 tons were donated to dog shelters and vet clinics around the country, resulting to thousands of mal-nourished dogs being fed. Consumers queued up to collect the “ALL-YOU-CAN’T-EAT” Doggy Bag and helped us feed stray dogs in neighbourhood. Our small doggy bag created huge noise by making the headlines of national and international media, sparking thousands of conversations and debates on social media, and even inspired a supermarket giant, Tesco Lotus, to donate their unsold pet food to dog shelters. While no food was wasted at Bar-B-Q Plaza restaurants, we left behind food for thought - as consumers started a petition on asking McDonald’s to consider turning their left over burgers into dog food.

To help reduce food waste in our restaurants, we turned leftovers into food for dogs. We redefined the traditional doggy bag, as thousands of consumers queued up to collect our “ALL-YOU-CAN’T-EAT” Doggy Bag at every Bar-B-Q Plaza restaurants. They helped us feed stray dogs in their streets, while we donated 16.5 tons to dog shelters and vet clinics around the country.

While over 700,00 stray dogs roam our streets searching for food and suffering from mal-nutrition, over 200kg of leftovers go to waste every day at Bar-B-Q Plaza restaurants. To help reduce food waste, we wanted to donate the fresh leftovers to feed starving stray dogs. Stray dogs already feed on our leftovers – but which are often decomposed and full of bacteria from rotten garbage. We found a way to turn leftovers into dog food while retaining all the nutritional values needed to keep dogs strong and healthy. We turned the doggy bag on its head, as thousands of consumers queued up to collect what they would usually leave behind at our restaurants. They even helped us feed stray dogs in their neighbourhood, while it became a call to everyone to help reduce food waste.


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