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CategoryA08. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages
EntrantGPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Production GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Andrew Thompson Y&R Group Executive Creative Director
Ash Kennedy GPY&R Brisbane Copywriter
Carl Lough GPY&R Brisbane Art Director
Fiona Caird GPY&R Brisbane General Manager
Michelle Short GPY&R Brisbane Production Director
Lloyd Budd GPY&R Brisbane Designer
Robyn Dodd GPY&R Brisbane Agency Producer
Stephanie Tokich GPY&R Brisbane Account Manager

The Campaign

We created Life Saving Stickers, a set of stickers designed to turn ordinary rubbish bins into lifesaving billboards. The stickers were life-size images of children approaching the road, similar to those who would call these residential streets home, as well as 50km/h speed limit signs. The stickers ranged in child age, height and activity – whether they were playing or going to school. The campaign launched on social media during back-to-school week, and sticker sets were available for the public to place on their bin. The stickers allowed residents to push a powerful safety message on their own street and get drivers to stop and think about their speeding habits.

Creative Execution

The launch of the campaign was timed for the return from school holidays, when we begin to see more children on the streets on their way to and from school. We launched on social media, and the public could receive their own set of stickers, or opt in for a set for each household in their street, or even for employees in their organisation - working to drive more social amplification and convince other councils to get on board. Not only were road safety organisations involved, we also targeted key community areas through community Facebook groups, parenting groups and school groups, all eager to weigh in on the conversation and implement the new safety reminder.


The initial print run of 100,000 stickers was snapped up within 3 days of launch, with thousands of orders being made since. Cities from all over Australia have come on board, and the reminder to watch out is now being rolled out on bins across the country. By the end of 2016, millions of households will have taken action to make their own streets safer. The launch video received over 5,000 shares, and the Australian Road Safety Foundation earned around 1,200 new followers. Life Saving Stickers gained strong support from the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, national news stations and major talk shows. In the Easter Road Toll, one of the most punishing times for fatalities, no deaths were recorded on Queensland roads for the first time in 20 years.

Turning rubbish bins into lifesaving billboards, the stickers created a new way to deliver a valuable message to drivers the moment their foot was on the pedal. We launched the stickers on social media, and distributed them online and through local councils. The eye-catching imagery lined the streets, working as a powerful call to action to slow down. The stickers turned what was usually a government-led safety message into a much more personal one, with residents giving a one-to-one reminder to drivers to slow down in their street, in real-time.

Research showed us that drivers were switching off to 50km/h speed limits in their local area. We needed to find a way to put safety back in front of them and be there in real-time to remind them of the dangers. With 850,000 bins being wheeled out each week in Queensland, we used this free media to speak to our drivers when on the road. Launching on social media allowed us to target active community groups, parenting groups as well as road safety organisations and initiatives. We launched the video on social media and distributed the stickers online and at local city councils. The public were then encouraged to place the stickers on their bins to remind drivers to slow down and watch out, and share a photo of their Life Saving Sticker on social media with #LifeSavingStickers.