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CategoryA07. Corporate Image & Sponsorship
Idea Creation BBDO ASIA Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production THE MAKERS Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Primus Nair BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Executive Creative Director
Jennyson Rosero BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Visualiser
Mindy Yap BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Planning Director
Mark Ibaviosa BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Senior Copywriter
Elysia Lim BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Art Director
Allison Tang BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Account Director
Fenny Kor BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Account Executive
Jackie They BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Head of Content Producer
Ann May Chua BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Senior Producer
Rebecca Nadilo BBDO Singapore Pte Ltd Head of Planning

The Campaign

The idea was to show that fatherhood comes naturally to all males. So we showed them how much they have in common with nature’s best dads.

Creative Execution

We drew parallels between nature’s best dads and real dads through a series of animal documentary videos. We identified three stand up animal fathers, the Emperor Penguin, Jackal and Rhea, and juxtaposed the narration against dads getting the hang of fatherhood. These films were seeded on social media and through the help of key opinion leaders. Along with the films, we bundled special storybooks on nature’s best fathers with Anmum products.


In just 3 days, the films were viewed over 2.4 million times online, an unprecedented amount for an Anmum campaign. The films garnered hundreds of positive comments from dads and mums alike. The books were sold out, with a second print run already scheduled. All these helped Anmum reach a 536% growth in sales as compared to previous year.

Anmum had a very specific target audience – dads. With this, we created a campaign that not only had a message directly intended for fathers, we also chose the relevant means to reach our audience – through webfilms on social media and storybooks they could read to their children. The timing of the campaign was also strategic – Father’s Day weekend.

The strategy was to reassure dads-to-be that being a father comes naturally. To convince them, we created films drawing parallels with nature’s best fathers to real dad. We timed the release of the films when dads are celebrated – Father’s Day. The films were released on social media and through the help of key opinion leaders. To facilitate the bond between father and child, we also created specially illustrated storybooks on nature’s best fathers. These books were bundled with every purchase of Anmum.


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