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Name Company Position
Eike Buergel Allianz Regional Brand Manager
Eugene Cheong Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Nicolas Courant Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Executive Creative Director
Fabio Montero Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Associate Creative Director
Marcos Gemal Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Art Director
Augustus Sung Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Senior Copywriter
Marc Violo Onekind Asia Innovation Partner
Marc Violo Onekind Asia Innovation Partner
Chandra Barathi Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Regional Vice President, Technology, Engineering
Chelsea Radford Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Managing Partner
Andrea Vennhaus Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Group Account Director
Kaylie Ong Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Account Manager
Ross Fowler Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Creative Director
Owen Dowling Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Planning Director
Faraaz Marghoob Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Integrated Strategic Planning Lead
Justine Hazlett Hogarth & Ogilvy Singapore Agency Producer
Alvin Chin Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Agency Producer

The Campaign

We created the Allianz Amateur Replay (AAR) – the first-ever automated recording system for amateur footballers, which captured their best goals on footage, sent it to them and gave these players something to brag about on social media. Every video they shared was user-generated content for Allianz. The AAR installed on a pitch comprises twin-cameras that constantly record both halves of the field and accelerometer-embedded sensors that are fitted onto nets. Players just have to register/login on the AAR web app before their match. Every time a goal is scored, the sensor on the net detects unique motion and pings the corresponding camera to log the last 20 seconds of footage, which is sent directly to the players’ registered email addresses. They could then choose to share these videos as branded content on their social media. Parents could also use the mobile web app to save match highlights after it happens.

Creative Execution

The AAR needed to be easily deployed at any location. It was designed to be modular so it could be situated outside of a contained space without affecting gameplay, yet be able to fit through nets surrounding these spaces for unobstructed recordings. Branded display boards ensured all footage created and shared had the Allianz branding. In the 3-month pilot phase, a total of 20 AAR recording systems were deployed in popular pitches in major cities including Munich, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul (4 in each city). This allowed us to gauge public interest and make any enhancements to improve user experience of the technology. In July 2016, production of the AAR was expanded and made available at the several Allianz Junior Football Camps held in 37 countries worldwide. Toolkits comprising the disassembled AAR as well as an instructional video were distributed to Allianz’ global offices for implementation.


The AAR was a big hit with the amateur footballing community. During the 3 month pilot phase: • Close to 13,500 video clips (with Allianz branding) have been shared across popular social media channels - that’s 75 hours of branded user-generated content • Some of the biggest names in world football tweeted about the AAR • A total of 2.8 million online impressions were earned for the brand • Pitch owners from 8 different countries enquired about the AAR • The AAR proved popular, and will be implemented at Allianz Junior Football Camps across 37 countries

Amateur players could interact with the Allianz Amateur Replay recording system installed at the football pitch and have their best goals captured in 20sec footages that would be sent directly to their registered email addresses. Players were invited to share these clips on social media to earn their bragging rights. With every video they shared, they created branded content for the Allianz brand, and strengthened the brand’s relationship with amateur footballers, which was the intended objective.

Our target audience was amateur footballers who play at least once a week at their local pitch. They are young, active and digitally savvy folks who spend huge amounts of time on social media and on their phones. Our secondary audience was their parents who watch them on the sidelines. Over eight weeks, we conducted a qualitative study with some 30 amateur football teams (approx. 750 youth players) across Asia and discovered an alarming insight - 87% of players were motivated by the opportunity to impress the people who are watching them. 92% of parents we managed to interview have tried capturing their child’s best moments on the pitch but admitted to the difficulty of predicting these fleeting moments. The findings helped shape the idea - an automated recording system that captures every goal on video, giving players something they want to share and brag about outside of the pitch.


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