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Name Company Position
Paul Nagy Clemenger BBDO Executive Creative Director
Luke Hawkins Clemenger BBDO Creative Director
Ben Smith Clemenger BBDO Creative Director
Simon Gibson Clemenger BBDO Writer
Dan White Clemenger BBDO Art Director
Toby Clark Clemenger BBDO Planner - Social Specialist
Denise McKeon Clemenger BBDO Head of Integrated Production
Brendan Forster Clemenger BBDO Head of Creative Technology
Anthony Tiernan Clemenger BBDO Senior Sound Engineer
Chris Pearce Clemenger BBDO Senior Copywriter
Emily Perrett Clemenger BBDO Head of Account Management
David Halter Clemenger BBDO Digital Planning Director
Josh Speight Clemenger BBDO Digital Producer
Lucas Vazquez Clemenger BBDO Editor

The Campaign

We challenged Australian software engineers to find deeper meaning in the Industrial Internet. We gave GE’s smartest machines Twitter accounts and let them loose online. They tweeted to each other in their natural language, binary code, and we hid a message deep in their conversations. We then announced the first person to uncover the hidden message would be sent to GE’s Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco

Creative Execution

Tweeting in binary lured tech-savvy readers in and we kept them engaged with surprising story lines. Locomotives flirted with wind turbines, light bulbs suffered existential crises and an MRI even questioned a CT scanner’s ability to experience love. We then offered these software engineers something irresistible. A challenge. An image was broken into indiscernible segments invisible to the human eye and then hidden as layers within 8 images that the machines included in their conversations using visual cryptography via digital Mortimer. Hundreds of Australia’s brightest minds couldn’t resist. After 3 weeks and lots of head scratching, the code was finally cracked. A young engineer used impressive coding skills to build an algorithm that extracted significant pixels from ARGB ‘bits’, and then used those bytes to compose an original image, winning the trip to GE’s Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco.


The results were very favorable. We engaged hundreds of Australia’s smartest software engineers and pitted their computer coding skills against ours. They toiled away for hundreds of hours trying to crack our code. It was no easy feat, with the winner taking over 3 weeks. This simple campaign has helped change software engineers’ perception of GE. We are no longer just seen as a big industrial company in Australia, but an innovative digital company.

The campaign was both response driven and designed to build affinity between brand and audience. The campaigns call to action led to measurable response.

Our audience was very niche. We weren’t just targeting any old software engineers, but the elite, the very best in the Australia. There were two key components to our strategy. The first was finding a way to narrow the field of focus so that we talked directly to our audience. The second was to prove to software engineers, who were busy applying for jobs at the world’s best digital companies, that GE would be a great place to work, a place where they could use their talent to develop and shape the Industrial Internet.


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