Product / ServiceMOVIE: FINDING DORY
CategoryC06. Use of New Technology


Name Company Position
Mr. Boonyathas Boonthittanont Dentsu media Thailand Senior Media Planner
Ms.Wasawan Angkasuwan Dentsu media Thailand Senior Planning Manager
Ms. Arveepan Malairat Dentsu media Thailand Excecutive Planning Director
Mr.Nattapong Pianprasong Dentsu media Thailand Associate Trading Director
Mr. Khirirath Chewwattakee Dentsu media Thailand Media Buyer
Mr.Thamrongwit Sornpaleenan Dentsu media Thailand Senior Graphic Designer
Mr. Nattawut Subyai Dentsu media Thailand Art Studio

The Campaign

Finding Dory movie has Dory as key character with its unique characteristic as forgetfulness. She always forget everything in her life including family and friends. From insight of Thai people, they prefer to show the beautiful side of life on social media to attract people they barely know. In turn, they lose touch with family, friends and those who are important that they should actually love and care for them. Therefore, the creative idea of activation is developed for turning forgetfulness of Thai people to reminding their family through the core idea as unforgettable experience reminds unforgettable people with our activation to evoke consumers to response through on ground and online activities for tightening relationship among Thai family and loved ones by connecting with insight of Thai people, current social media’s addicted behavior of Thais as roots of core challenge unique and unique characteristic of Dory as forgetfulness.

Creative Execution

Activation held at most crowded shopping mall for target, a week before released movie total 4 days of implementation as large scale with impact execution. Message of activation approaches participants that ‘We do not have short-term memory loss like Dory, but do you remember last time you expressed your love to someone important?’ Simply sentence, but able to stunt most of participants to think and remind. Next, capturing face of participant into mocked scuba-diving under ocean with Dory. They allow to type one heartfelt message for their important person. Then, their face on mocked scuba-diving with holding hidden heartfelt message on hands for expressing real feeling of love and care to important one who they almost forget are automatically shown on grand LED screen at event area. Also, it would be instantly tagged and shared with movie hashtag #findingdoryth on social media for impact engagement through viral created buzz.


Impact engagement was measurable and driven by touching deep consumer’s insight and capturing current trend of Thai people behavior. As a result, 99% of participants remind to their loved one in family who they should actually love and care, but almost forget them. All of participants send hidden heartfelt message that they have never done before to their loved one. Accordingly, it can successfully strengthen relationship bonding in family with deeply impress, also participants really aware in forgetfulness as Dory’s key characteristic as the same time. Also, this activation can achieve 5 times number of participants for similar event, and 250% exceeding the number of participants from client’s expectation through unforgettable experience reminds unforgettable people activation. Moreover, this activation also led to call to action, the sales result of Finding Dory from the Walt Disney reached Top 5 all-time highest non-holiday opening weekend for Pixar animation.

This engagement activation is created by integrating innovative digital LED screen with live capturing face technology combined effective on ground and online activities as direct marketing generated consumers response to evoke Thai people reminding relationship among family, friends, and loved ones with blending forgetfulness as key characteristic of Dory who suffer from short-term memory loss, reflecting consumers whose memory is clear but forget who is important one in life. Accordingly, this activation can drive result beyond expectation generated by successful engagement idea by taking forgetfulness as key theme to create unforgettable experience activation with Thai people to remind unforgettable people.

The collecting data from interview face to face with white collar workers in Bangkok as core target. In their daily life, they consume many variety of contents per day and the most preferred content that can keep them remind and impress is dramatic content that can deeply touch their feeling and well connect to their real life. So, strategy is creating effective approach with touchy dramatic mechanic on activation to enhance strong engagement of Thai people to remind their family or important person who they should actually love and care by blending of forgetfulness theme for turning forgetfulness of Thai people through unforgettable experience reminds unforgettable people on activation leading call to action as successful strong engagement to remind family, awareness of forgetfulness and sales achievement beyond client’s expectation. Moreover, we select most crowded lifestyle mall for target to implement unforgettable activation to confirm effective exposure and effectiveness of campaign.