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Idea Creation ISOBAR CHINA GROUP Shanghai, CHINA


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Tim Doherty Isobar China group Chief Creative Officer

The Campaign

The creative idea was ‘A tasty CNY reunion with you’. The vast majority of chefs in China are migrant workers and they don’t get to return home to their families at CNY. Film was used to tell a story to which chefs could relate. The purpose of the film was to be shared on mobile to encourage chefs to follow Knorr. The response element of the campaign came through a series of 6 mobile engagements that needed PINcodes from Knorr packaging for participation. Each interaction linked chefs and their families together in social with relevant content like tasty hometown dishes for homesick chefs, favourite CNY menus and the chance to win reunion tickets for the post CNY period.

Creative Execution

The Knorr data pool comprised individual user data from six sources:- 1. Customer data in the Knorr DMP 2. Retargeting participants in previous campaigns (Knorr DMP) 3. Relevant interest group participants in QQ (Tencent social) 4. People that had searched relevant terms on Soguo (Tencent search) 5. Members of the Knorr community on We Chat (Tencent messaging) 6. Other We Chat users tagged with chef interest labels (Tencent messaging) Tencent aggregated these 6 groups into one pool of target data and then removed duplicates to give one unified pool of 48 million people to target. Having identified the total pool of target chefs, Tencent user data allowed Knorr to go deeper and identify which province was home for each chef. This was crucial, because it tied the mobile experiences back to specific dishes that are famous in different provinces in China.


Precision targeting through data for Knorr powered a campaign that was uniquely relevant for chefs. As a result of that relevance chefs responded in unprecedented levels. 1. Video clicks were at 91.7% (36% better than the We Chat average). 2. Reposts were 25.5% (350% better than the We Chat average). 3. Campaign engagement was 21.3% (390% better than the Unilever We Chat average). 4. Participation rates in the mobile engagements were 50% (3.2 times higher than the previous year). 5. The Knorr community of chefs on We Chat grew by 20% to over 1 million people. 6. 24,000 new chefs were added to the Knorr DMP for retargeting. 7. Sales grew 21% year on year. 8. Gross ROI was 69:1. 9. Incremental ROI was 13:1. 10. Knorr generated many tens of millions of euro in sales value. (Source : Unilever and Unilever’s media agency)

Chines New year, is the most important festival of the year in China, Everyone is celebrating, except chefs. Chefs are the ones in the kitchen, alone, preparing food for millions of other families to enjoy.The creative core idea is "A taste CNY reuinion with you." We use big data platform to search the Hundreds of thousands of Chefs in China. Film was used to tell a story to which chefs could relate. The purpose of the film was to be shared on mobile to encourage chefs to follow Knorr .

The strategy was grounded in data from first principles and build a virtuous circle for data collection. Knorr has a data management platform (DMP) that houses information on hundreds of thousands of chefs in China. Insights from data in the DMP informed creative direction, media strategy and social strategy. The mobile engagements for social linked to PINcodes on 20 different CNY themed Knorr SKUs. When chefs took part in the CNY promotions they supplied personal data that went back into powering the Knorr DMP for future targeting. Tencent (the owners of We Chat) enabled analysis of individual user data across all of their platforms to build and activate a qualified and unduplicated database of chefs users for media targeting and social campaigns.


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