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CategoryF02. Low Budget Campaign


Name Company Position
Kenneth Tung Havas Worldwide Hong Kong Group Creative Director
CC Tang Havas Worldwide Hong Kong Chief Creative Officer, Greater China
Rachel Lo Havas Worldwide Hong Kong Associate Creative Director
Anson Cheng Havas Worldwide Hong Kong Art Director
Agnes Ho Havas Worldwide Hong Kong Copywriter
Sam Chow Havas Worldwide Hong Kong Assistant Art Director
Kaima Ng Havas Worldwide Hong Kong Account Director
Regine Tsui Havas Worldwide Hong Kong Group Account Director
Ellie Liu Havas Worldwide Hong Kong Senior Account Executive

The Campaign

AIDS Concern acts as a flip side to talk to MSM community in a positive, healthy yet light-hearted approach to remove the long-built hindrance among the gays: Get rid of the taboo, Get an Early Check! 1. Re-form HIV status check to a normal, casual body check like regular ones We provoke early check for reaching a complete peace of mind with a friendly slogan - “Get an Early Check ?????” and turn HIV check-up as a healthy, normal, positive and responsible action among the MSM group. 2. Give the “Check” an easy and friendly recall Taking Chrysanthemum as a common jargon representing the MSM community, we create the term “Kuk Fa Cha???” as the key recall for the check. It is a strong verbal hook carrying a dual-meaning, which 1) It is the Cantonese pronunciation of “Chrysanthemum Tea”, and 2) is also a friendly jargon to encourage MSM groups

The Brief

Production Spending: Total - US$ 19,341 / HK$ 150,000 with split as below: i. Video Production - US$ 12,894 / HK$ 100,000 ii. Visual Production - US$ 6,447 / HK$ 50,000 KOL/ Celebrity Invitation: FREE Media Spending: Total - US$ 4,255 / HK$ 33,000 with split as below: i. Facebook Ad – US$ 1,031 / HKD 8,000 ii. Grindr Banners (Monthly Booking) – US$ 1,676 / HKD 13,000 iii. Jack’D Banners (Monthly Booking) – US$ 1,547 / HKD 12,000

Creative Execution

1.Tour Activation: turn passives into actives and step into gays’ real life We repackage the HIV prevention safe sex kit to a nicely-looking pack like “Chrysanthemum Tea“ outer box to ease MSM community’s resistance to get safe sex kit samples. MSM community can get the kit from the Kuk Fa Cha vending machine touring around them at stigma-free spots (e.g. bars, gay pride parade). 2.Social Media: Build Positive Relationship We launched the “Early Check” Online Video, a tribute to a well-known HK TVC classic on Facebook, forums (i.e tt1069.com) and youtube for viral in a light-hearted way. Also, we initiated “Friendly Buddy Chats” on famous social gay apps (i.e. Jack’D and Grindr) to create POSITIVE greet-and-chat conversations to ease tension and answer inquiry about AIDS-related issues 3.KOL supports Inspiring-to-gays KOLs are invited as ambassadors by injecting their positive energy to share the inspiring reasons for taking HIV check-up


Inspiring success was received to impress MSM community and triggered their action to “Get an Early Check: 1. Encouraging response and engagement - Over 100,000 impressions generated from targeted MSM community - Over 10,000 participations and engagements in tours - More than 2,000 HIV status online self assessment completed, 20X increase compared to the average monthly online assessment completion - Over 250% increase in monthly HIV status check-up registrations, 5X exceeding the campaign’s preset KPI 2. Flipped to a positive attitude towards HIV Check Inspiring feedbacks from tour participants and positive replies from social media were received. To quote a few: “The Kuk Fa Cha pack received in bar is cute, I should not be that worried at getting a check” – comment from fans of Men2Men facebook fanpage “I took the test after watching the Get an Early Check online video” – questionnaire comment from an anonymous Test taker

Being different and innovative from adopting the usual threatening communication approach, AIDS Concern’s “Kuk Fa Cha” campaign talks to MSM community for removing MSM community’s long-term fears concerning over HIV check-ups. The campaign matches the category’s core essence and successfully flipped the way of how MSM community view about HIV topics - from seeing it as an embarrassing & sensitive taboo, to realizing HIV checking should actually be seen as a necessary, normal & healthy body check to protect themselves and their beloved.

Identify the Core Target Segment: MSM community aged above 25, who are active at high-risk sexual behavior & had at least once unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) and never take any HIV check-ups. They have been in long-term fear of knowing their HIV status because of ignorance and do not want to be negatively labeled. They hold strong perception that HIV status test is discriminative to gay men only, and the check is viewed as symbolizing gay men would get HIV+ more easily than heterosexuals. We penetrate very targeted communication in high reach to the MSM community, via a mix of two key social channels: 1. Digital social – engaging channels where MSM community are highly active 2. Real life social – entering into MSM community’s life