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Name Company Position
Sheena Jeng Publicis Shanghai China Chair & Chief Creative Officer
Angela Ann Antonio Publicis Shanghai Creative Director
Risa Shen Publicis Shanghai Creative Director
London Huang Publicis Shanghai Copywriter
Danny Sun Publicis Shanghai Art Director
Cing Wang Publicis Shanghai Art Director
Chefdaff Yu Publicis Shanghai Art Director
Haiyong Xu Publicis Shanghai Print Producer
Lily Liu Publicis Shanghai Producer
Hua Lian Publicis Shanghai Editor
Jiasen Gu Publicis Shanghai Editor
Yuki Huang Publicis Shanghai Editor
Jie Xiao Publicis Shanghai Editor

The Campaign

This inspired the idea ‘Sandwich Portraits’. By turning your kid’s photo into a yummy cheese sandwich, we engaged Chinese moms’ love for design and creativity which they can proudly show off starting on Children’s Day! This special activity inspired moms to show off creations on social media that contributed to the overall sales and e-commerce growth.

Creative Execution

We want to own the "food art" aspect of cheese slice and not just its nutritional value. By showing moms how enjoyable making a sandwich is, we encourage them to create more cheese sandwich designs. We started by creating inspirations and how-to videos that were placed on Dougou Recipe App, WeChat and food blogs from key influencers. Then moms can start showing-off and sharing their works on social media . Then, we kickstarted a creative movement on Children’s Day by a user generated campaign that flooded shares and views on social media.


In just 20 days, over 55 million page views on food app with 127,980 shares and 215,861 clicks with an average finishing rate of 119.69%. Hundreds of cheese slice designs were created which gave a huge exposure to the product and contributed to the sales and e-commerce growth. Furthermore, it encouraged the idea of cheese sandwich making.

'Sandwich Portraits' is a simple yet fun digital marketing idea created to encourage Chinese moms to turn their kid's photo into a yummy cheese sandwich.

Our primary audience is moms from top tier cities who are well-educated and open-minded and want the best for their kids. These are the moms who take the extra effort to create something special for their “only child” (China’s one-child policy). Also, these moms are digitally-savvy and engage in social media to stay connected with friends. These moms like to be creative and do a lot of DIY. So instead of just saying the nutritional aspect of cheese slice, we want to show that it can also be fun and playful.


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