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Name Company Position
Nisa Mujjalintrakool DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Executive Creative Director
Adul Borvornsrisakul DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Deputy Executive Creative Director
Akk Phapongskasem DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Creative Director
Pilan Subhasri DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Senior Art Director
Pimmada Jirasavetakul DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Senior Copywriter
Chotiwat Thasanasuwan DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Art Director
Chalermlarp Wiwat-arnuparp DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Copywriter
Marisa Tiptongdee DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Film Production Manager
Nutmanekarn Ruengrith DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Film Co-Producer
Chawit Pitikorntatiya DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Film Co-Producer
Chow Lai Sheung DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Senior Communication Planning Director
Manatcha Sakwit DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Senior Communication Planning Supervisor
Mayvarin Tantanarat DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Communication Planner
Tanpisut Sophonratana DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Communication Planner
Patcharin Sukorat DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Associate Director
Pear Piyamada DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Group Account Director
Nattawan Tantikaroon DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Senior Account Executive
Nuttapon Kiettrisalpipop DENTSU (THAILAND) LTD Associate Planning Director
Punvipa Buranadilok Dentsu Media (Thailand) Ltd. Senior Media Planning Manager

The Campaign

Attack 3D clean action realized that we need to tackle sweat odors by involving a group of people who had suffered most from the problem. Evidently, the life of Bangkokians evolves around traffic congestion and blazing hot climate. One of the professions that had effected most is the motorbike taxi drivers. The motorbike taxi is a unique mean of transport, which people in Bangkok rely on to avoid heavy traffic. However, due to excessive sweating of the drivers, passengers often suffered from the terrible odors on clothes. Attack 3D clean action saw this opportunity to prove that our product efficacy could be the solution they need. With the principle idea “sweat cannot be controlled, but sweat odors you can control”, we decided to launch a never seen before real-life experiment, which involved real people with realistic everyday problem.

Creative Execution

During a month of September 2015, we got motorbike taxi drivers in Bangkok to use our new formula detergent first, and then they had to challenge their passengers around the city to prove it by smelling their shirts during a ride. At a back of each driver’s jacket, there was a unique fun message, which provoked the passengers to prove no sweat odors on the driver’s clothes. Certainly, no sweat odors could be traced. This method was not only unique and entertaining, but it also drew more and more people to directly participate in this product’s real-life experiment. Thus, people in Bangkok city areas were able to give us many genuine responses of how they really feel about our new formula product.


The campaign managed to infiltrate the locals’ lifestyle and let them be the one to prove the end result. In this way, we had built trusts among our customers, which therefore strengthened our brand loyalty. Moreover, our real life sensory experience had led people to share their clips and photos with families and friends, both in an online and offline media. Effectively, the sweat odor-free shirts of motorbike taxi drivers became a trending topic and word of mouth had spread rapidly. This results in: • 100,000 shared online. • Over 500,000 views. • Within a month more than 300,000 new customers in Bangkok bought the product. • Sales increased to 42 million baht. Evidently, since the campaign was launched, the people in Bangkok now realized that Attack 3D Clean Action could really control even most terrible sweat odors on clothes.

From the very beginning, we directly involved the local people in Bangkok to proof test our new formula product during their everyday journeys on the motorbike taxis. The motorbike taxi drivers got to challenge their customers directly and received the feedback right away. Once the passengers arrived at their destinations, they were also given real product samples by the drivers. This is another direct experience as they could try out the new product for themselves at home.

Bangkok has a hot climate throughout the year, plus people suffered from traffic congestion most of the time. Thus, sweat odors on clothes is one of the main problems they cannot avoid. However, a detergent that could reduce sweat odors on clothes is very new to our target customers. So we decided to use motorbike taxi drivers to prove our product efficacy. This unique profession had to work in a heavy traffic under the sun all day long and experienced heavy sweats, which created sweat odors on their clothes. This situation had put off their customers, as they suffered unpleasant smell during the rides. By working with motorbike taxis, we could approach target customers more closely and understand their personal point of view. And once the passengers arrived at their destinations, they were given product samples to try at home, which further increased their interest in the product.