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Name Company Position
Edmund Choe TBWA\Singapore Chief Creative Officer, Singapore & SEA
Catherine Lestari TCP-TBWA\Indonesia Account Director
Lauren Fransiska TCP-TBWA\Indonesia Senior Account Executive
Andreas TCP-TBWA\Indonesia Creative Group Head
Shara Viaticara TCP-TBWA\Indonesia Art Director
Enita Budiyanti TCP-TBWA\Indonesia General Manager
Reina Triswan TCP-TBWA\Indonesia Social Media Officer

The Campaign

We turned e-commerce into e-charity. DONATE MY LUNCH hijacked popular local online shopping marketplaces with virtual restaurants, where people who were fasting during Ramadhan could donate the money they would normally spend on lunch. All they had to do was select their virtual lunch and pay as normal online to donate. We drove traffic to DONATE MY LUNCH with digital menu posters that linked directly to the online restaurants. We enlisted the support of food bloggers and popular social media influencers to share and promote the program. By delivering printed thankyou stickers to donors, we satisfied the rules of the online marketplaces requiring physical goods to be delivered after purchase.

Creative Execution

DONATE MY LUNCH consisted of several components: —Online Stores established in major e-marketplaces, —Digital Posters with links to each of these stores, —Social Media activation with popular local bloggers and social media influencers, —News coverage earned through the online buzz generated by this activity. The seasonal program was conducted during Ramadhan 2016, from conception to up-and-running in under three days. DONATE MY LUNCH was a small scale activity, designed as a trial program to establish an annual activity for Sahabat Anak, a small, public-funded NGO. This year’s event has proven the model effective and we are keen to repeat and grow on the success of 2016’s pilot to create a valuable annual property for the charity.

With zero budget and limited media placement in digital, 1600 lunch orders were purchased in less than a month. That's a 100% increase compared to Sahabat Anak's Ramadan income in 2015.

We discovered that during Ramadhan, Indonesian consumer habits were changing. Whereas Moslems traditionally took a break and rested during the midday period, now data indicated a massive (84% overall) spike in online shopping behaviour during the same daypart. Indonesians were shopping online when they used to be napping. It was this trend that triggered us to go online to capture some of this as-yet unrecognised audience. For our target of Moslems from late teens to mid thirties, online shipping behavior varies, but the places they all go to reliably are the major e-commerce marketplaces. And to open a store in mst of them is free, which fit our budget. Since the seasonal sentiment was always biased toward food donations to the poor, the connection between the fasting month and donating your lunch was established.


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