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Idea Creation TBWA\INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
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Name Company Position
Parixit Bhattacharya TBWA\India, Mumbai Chief Creative Officer
Rajshekar Patil TBWA\India, Mumbai Creative Director
Rajshekar Patil TBWA\India, Mumbai Copywriter
Rajshekar Pati TBWA\India, Mumbai Social Media Manager
Rajshekar Patil TBWA\India, Mumbai Art Director
Rishi Chanana TBWA\India, Mumbai Designer
Aejaz Khan TBWA\India, Mumbai Executive Director
Milind More TBWA\India, Mumbai Illustrator
Mona Chammas Mona Chammas Illustrator
Maryam Amjad Maryam Amjad Illustrator
Seerat Fatima TBWA\India, Mumbai Illustrator
Sheikh Taha Munir Sheikh Taha Munir Illustrator

The Campaign

CREATIVE IDEA Snap Counsellors, the world's first Snapchat helpline for teens in abusive relationships. In partnership with teen counselling service @LOVEDOCTORDOTIN and Chayn India. Snap Counsellors exploits the fact that a conversation on Snapchat disappears after the two parties have read it. With Snap Counsellors, we created a counselling session that disappears. Thus, protecting the victim’s chats from the snooping eyes of the abuser. Snap Counsellors allows teenagers to chat with an expert counsellor who can advise the victim about the signs of a physically/emotionally abusive relationship, human rights of the victim, how to seek help from the police and how to leave an abusive relationship.

Creative Execution

IMPLEMENTATION: 1. We created a partnership between, India's only teen counselling service and Chayn India, an organization working for women's empowerment using technology. We created a Snap ID called @LOVEDOCTORDOTIN as the sole account with which any teen from around the world could chat. 2. We created a PSA on YouTube to create awareness. 3. We also created a guide called "Abusive Relationships, Stalking and Harassment Guide for Teens" to help victims identify and deal with abusive relationships of all kinds. 4. We created daily content using Snapchat's "Story" feature customized for teens. 5. We created college workshops in prominent colleges in India such as St. Stephen's College, New Delhi and Delhi University. TIMELINE 1. Launched - 6 March 2016 2. PSA on YouTube - Women's Day 8 March 2016 2. TEDx Talk at ESADE, Barcelona - 5 May 2016 3. College workshops - Once a month

REACH • More than 2400 teens counselled around the world. • 400% increase in the number of teens reporting abuse. • 970% increase in traffic to client website. • Earned unpaid PR worth more than $16.5 million. • Invited to present the idea at TedX ESADE, Barcelona, one of the world's top business schools. • More than 1000 Story views daily ACHIEVEMENT • 9 out of 10 teens were not aware that they were in an abusive relationship. After a conversation with our counsellor, they understood what constituted an abusive relationship so they could take action. • Inspired a new teen abuse Snapchat helpline in SPAIN, a country with one of the highest rates of abuse. • 6 out of 10 teens decided to discuss their abuse with their partner • 2 out of 10 teens decided to seek further outside help or end the relationship

TARGET AUDIENCE Teenagers and youngsters aged between 12-21 who are in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship with their partners. STRATEGY Teen relationship violence is not only an Indian issue but a global one (50 percent of sexual assaults are committed against girls under 16 - UN Women Report 2014). Snapchat is the world's fastest growing chat application. The solution had to protect the victim from their abusive partners and yet be easily accessible + trustworthy. RELEVANCE TO PLATFORM 90% victims are afraid to report abuse because their boyfriends control their use of phone, messages and e-mail. Almost every teen already uses Snapchat. A helpline on Snapchat was the perfect solution to help the victim feel safe to come forward and speak up. APPROACH is the only teen counselling service in India. We created a Snapchat account for them and their counsellors worked in shifts to advise teens.


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