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CategoryD01. Social Video
EntrantCJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation CJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
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Name Company Position
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Chief Creative Officer
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Chief Creative Officer
Wikorn Rojarayanont CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Creative Director
Wikorn Rojarayanont CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Creative Director
Nida Techakitteranun CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Art Director
Nawaporn Suetrong CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Copywriter
Autcharawan Laohachataroop CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Project Manager
Jipattikal Panikbutr CJ WORX Co. Ltd Planning Director
Warapan Pornphichitpan CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Business Director
Pinpinat Piyatataungvara CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Client Service
Pitima Sutaveesub CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Account Executive
Chayanop Boonprakob Hub Ho Hin Bangkok Co., Ltd. Director
Nattapon Kornkaew Hub Ho Hin Bangkok Co., Ltd. Producer
Khwanchanok Poochaiwattananon CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Digital Media Planning Manager
Pongpichit Thanavanichnam CJ WORX Co., Ltd. Digital Media Planner
Chayan Laoyodtrakool Hub Ho Hin Bangkok Co., Ltd. Director Assistant

The Campaign

Are you pregnant? A story of students that will change your whole perception about pregnant girls. Synopsis : A new student just arrived at a rather unusual school. All the girls here seemed to be pregnant. At first she didn’t feel so comfortable, but the longer she stayed the more she belonged to this place. Everything was going great, until one day when one of the students no longer had a big tummy. The reason behind this is quite controversial for the school, so she decided to do something...

Creative Execution

Launching the online film called “Are you pregnant?" to get women interested in our media tool, Word of Mouth Online Network (WOMON), which includes top Facebook fanpages. The film is all about the girls in school who look like they are pregnant. Throughout the film, it is believed that they are pregnant. At the end of the film, it is revealed that their tummy is big just because they have insufficient fibers for their daily bowels. With the wrap up line “B-ing Bodyline with Fiber 13,000 mg.”, the clips became famous and got more than 1 million views in just 1 day.

- 11,572,556 Impressions - 6,878916 Reached - 319,164 Engagements - 2,542,820 Views

The strategy selected is a "controversial idea” that attracts the target audience and gets them to talk to their friends for us. We are talking to younger females starting from high school and university students to office workers aged between 16 – 25 years old. They are very concerned about their appearances especially their tummy. In Thailand, one of the biggest concern in regard to physical beauty is being skinny. Most girls think that having a big tummy visible when wearing a dress is embarrassing. More importantly, a person with a visible tummy will always be asked if she is pregnant. Therefore, our approach is to create a buzz around the brand by raising this issue of a tummy being mistaken as a pregnancy.


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