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CategoryE06. Co-Creation & User Generated Content
EntrantY&R NZ Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Idea Creation Y&R NZ Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Media Y&R NZ Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production FLYING FISH Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Contributing RESN Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Contributing 2 MANDY Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Contributing 3 ASSEMBLY Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Contributing 4 LIQUID STUDIOS Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Josh Moore Y&R New Zealand Chief Operating Officer & Chief Creative Officer
Tom Paine Y&R New Zealand Creative Director
Jono Key Y&R New Zealand Head of Planning
Victoria Meo Y&R New Zealand Account Director
Liz Rosby Y&R New Zealand Head Producer
Sacha Moore Y&R New Zealand Agency Producer
James Wendelborn Y&R New Zealand Senior Designer
Marie-Claire Manson Y&R New Zealand Media Planner
Nicky Greville Y&R New Zealand General Manager - Media
Tom Paine Y&R NZ Creative

The Campaign

Insights: 1) People are curious for new flavour combinations and willing to trample across brand conventions to experience them. 2) There’s no longer an inside / outside of a company – thanks to social media, corporations are accountable for their actions. Creative idea: To raise awareness of Peace Day, Burger King made a highly visible proposal to McDonald’s, inviting them to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind, symbolic product: The McWhopper. The proposed mash-up would combine key ingredients from each restaurant’s signature burger, to be served on Peace Day 2015.

Creative Execution

BK published an open letter on Twitter and Facebook, inviting McD’s to collaborate in creating and serving the McWhopper on Peace Day. The proposal was spearheaded by, a multimedia toolkit of co-branded assets: staff apparel, signage, and a pop-up restaurant. Every asset was designed to be visually iconic and translate into multiple languages, for ease of share-ability. The proposal was met by frenzied public support, so McDonald’s drew criticism when they turned down the offer. Inspired by BK’s online Burger Build film and curious about the flavour combination, tens of thousands of people took matters into their own hands by creating and sharing do-it-yourself McWhoppers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, and mainstream media channels - integrating the competitor’s product with our own, and further spreading Peace Day awareness. It was all very well for the world to take notice, but BK had the world taking action.

- 8.9 billion media impressions - Earned media value $US138m - ROI: Every $1 spent, campaign returned $88 in earned media - #1 trending topic, Facebook and Twitter - 10,000+ DIY McWhopper reviews on YouTube Source: ABPR, Personally Inside, Llorente y Cuenca, Ketchurn, Evercom, Weber Shandwick, Emanate and Cison +40% increase Peace Day awareness (from 30% to 43% of the U.S pop) Source: Toluna Research (Sept 15) +16% increase in Peace Day awareness worldwide Source: McKinsey and Company (Oct 15) “The McWhopper campaign is the single highest contributor towards awareness” McKinsey and Company Burger King brand metrics +25% Purchase consideration from 32% to 40% (+76% millennials) +48% Likelihood to recommend brand: from 21% to 31% (+84% millennials) Source: YouGov Brand Index Oct 15

We were confident that had we approached McDonald’s behind closed doors, they’d say no behind closed doors, so by making the proposal public on social media, we knew they’d be pushed to respond. More importantly, we wanted to inspire consumer engagement no matter whether McD’s said yes or no, so we created as a toolkit for the media and public to access campaign assets, empowering them to create and share do-it-yourself McWhoppers.


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