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EntrantMAXUS Bangalore, INDIA
Entrant Company:MAXUS Bangalore, INDIA
Media Agency:MAXUS Bangalore, INDIA


Results and Effectiveness

Tanishq facilitated 1.78 Lakh women to realize their dream of being on the cover of India’s largest circulated women’s magazine. 157 unique customers carried the Femina mirror copy to the stores, a true testimony to the success of the idea. Aleya collection generated Rs 180Mn in 2 months, outselling by a month earlier. Aleya also brought in 224 new HNI customers to Tanishq Anutara – The Loyalty club. Traditional formats would have given information not the shopping experience. This innovation enabled Tanishq to take the store to ‘her’ home. Interestingly, Femina standsales grew 10% without any celebrity on the cover.

Creative Execution

The Front Cover of the magazine, the most visible page, has audiences’ 100% undivided attention. Traditionally, film stars adorn covers of magazines like Femina. Diwali is the most awaited issue because of being a festive season specials. Unlike other Diwali issues, the cover of the Diwali issue of Femina spotted an oval-shaped mirror on a page devoid of any other image except that of a Photo of an exquisite necklace placed just below the mirror. So, when one looked at the Magazine cover, they saw their reflection on the mirror with the illusion of wearing the Aleya necklace. The next page inside had the Aleya collection in its true glory completing the story.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Tanishq is the largest, most desirable and fastest growing Jewellery brand in India. Tanishq was launching a new collection “Aleya” targeted at the socialite Indian women, for whom design and uniqueness are imperative. More than creating awareness, challenge was to make her experience the collection. The insight was women love to see themselves on the cover of the magazine. Innovative media strategy was to take the Tanishq store to her home, by creating an experience of checking out how the Aleya collection, will look on her. Consumers often carry the magazines to the stores and ask for the specific products which are advertised in the magazine. Also, the shelf life of special issues like Diwali has longer shelf life as well. Among the audience, Femina had the highest affinity among different media vehicles, used for making purchase decisions. We decided to partner them to create this “never before experience”.


Name Company Position
Utkarsh Thakur Titan Industries Ltd Manager- Marketing Services
Sanober Mannan Titan Industries Ltd Brand Manager
Sairam Ranganathan Maxus India Business Group Head
Victor Britto Maxus India Investment Group Head
Hariharan Vishwanathan Maxus India General Manager
Kishankumar Shyamalan Maxus India Investment Director
Swathi Thammaiah Maxus India Business Executive
Anil Cheriyedath Maxus India Business Director