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Product / ServiceTHE TIMES OF INDIA
EntrantJWT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Entrant Company:JWT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency:JWT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA



Name Company Position
Tista Sen Jwt Senior Vicepresident/Executive Creative Director
Debu Purkayastha Jwt Creative Director/Art Director
Vistasp Hodiwala Jwt Creative Director/Copywriter
Arkadyuti Basu Jwt Creative Director/Copywriter
Agnello Dias Jwt Creative Director/Copywriter
Vinayak Gaikwad Jwt Art Director
Sundar Iyer Jwt Copywriter
Simone Patrick Jwt Copywriter
Kaushik Iyer Jwt Copywriter
Kaviraj Muslonkar Jwt Art Director
Deepak Jadhav Jwt Illustrator
Milind Dhaimade Equinox Films Director
Anand Iyer Rdp Films Director
Manoj Shroff Equinox Films Producer
Amol Rdp Films Producer
Satyaki Ghosh Satyaki Ghosh Photography Photographer

The Campaign

India currently has 75 million kids who have never gone to school. And every single day, over 130,000 children are added to this unfortunate statistic. The brief was to change this, all on the back of one simple idea. On the upside however, she also boasts of some of the brightest, most educated people on the planet. The idea behind the Times of India’s Teach India campaign was to bring these two together: people who wanted to teach and those who wanted to learn. All we asked was two hours of their time every week.

Success of the Campaign

Doctors, policemen, housewives, students, celebrities and people from just about every field volunteered to teach. The 120 minutes we asked for became a movement in this nation of a 120 crore (1.2 Billion). 100 of India’s biggest NGOs, schools and other social organisations now have a steady stream of teachers. And this has encouraged them to take in even more students.At last count, the campaign (ably supported by the United Nations) had already inspired 100,000 volunteer-teachers, making this the largest educational programme in the world.As for the client, it reinforced their position as not only reporters of news, but agents of social change.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign was launched with a single, soul-stirring full page on the front page of the Times of India. From there, it went to a full fledged mass-media campaign that went on the television, outdoor and then to every other media that was relevant in reaching the average educated Indian, like cinema halls, on-ground street play and the digital media.