CategoryA02. Best Use of Magazines/Newspapers
EntrantSTARCOM Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company:STARCOM Beijing, CHINA
Media Agency:STARCOM Beijing, CHINA


Results and Effectiveness

This impactful campaign helped ensure that Samsung successfully defended their compact camera market share position, fending off aggressive attempts by Nikon to take over the No.3 spot. Additionally, in the first nine months since launch, Samsung saw sales of more than 500,000 NV100HD cameras, ranking the model No.3 in sales during CNY promotion period that immediately followed the media campaign work. In a post-campaign survey, 73% of consumers confirmed the role of the content partnership in showcasing NV100HD's characteristics of personalized style, voicing their interest for further details. In the end, the campaign ranked No.1 in consumer attention on zol.com.cn

Creative Execution

Understanding the need to capture attention and drive interest, but recognizing investment size limitations, our plan was built on two pillars–focus for impact, association for influence. We sought to align ourselves with personifications of status and style, while touting the benefits of NV100HD's features – all perfectly accomplished through magazines. We first secured prominent placement in key Consumer Tech, Style/Fashion and Celebrity/Entertainment publications, strategically scheduled to ensure Samsung's presence at disproportionately higher levels than our competitors. We then leveraged this focused investment to design a unique content integration with a highly influential technology and style magazine, Premium Digital World. The integration centered on an attention-grabbing coverfold fashion shoot – the first of its kind – that included Lu-Yi, one of China's hottest stars, whose newest movie was released in tandem with our launch. The NV100HD adorned both the magazine's cover and an 8-pages photo story featuring Lu-Yi and the product.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Samsung is a well known brand in China. However, Sony and Canon dominate the Digital Camera space, with Nikon in hot pursuit of Samsung's No.3 position. Samsung was challenging the leaders, while defending against the challenger. With the launch of the world's first 14.7 megapixel/720P HD compact camera – Samsung needed to defend their market share position, no small feat with budgets one-twentieth the size of average competitors' product launch spend. Dubbed the 'Wannabes', Samsung's target consumers are motivated by a combination of emotional and rational needs. Their devices are a status symbol and something that needs to complement their style–trendy, fashionable–and needs–advanced technology, personalized function. The unique features, "organic stream" symmetrical curve design and four-color availability of the NV100HD presented Samsung with an opportunity to strengthen its brand image with these discerning consumers and establish itself as THE camera choice for Wannabes.


Name Company Position
Liu Jian Starcom Beijing Associate Director
Megan Zhang Starcom Beijing Planning Manager
Aisha Jin Starcom Beijing Planner
Stan Chew Starcom Beijing Associate Director