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Entrant Company:MINDSHARE INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Results and Effectiveness

A massive 53 million women were reached by the program in total, with each weekly episode reaching 18.5 million women. The turnaround in the brand’s fortunes were stunning –65% of women strongly agreeing that Fair & Lovely is an aspirational brand which helps women achieve a better future in May 2009, versus 48% in 2008. The score achieved is a 4 year high – a significant reverse in the brand’s fortunes.

Creative Execution

Fair & Lovely set out on a nationwide hunt for girls who have a longing to achieve their dream. 12 girls, each with a unique dream vocation (Nurse, Anchor, Yoga Instructor, Air Hostess, etc) were selected. Over a period of 6 months, they were groomed by experts, mentored by experienced and credible judges, and performed challenging tasks - organizing a fashion show, running a restaurant, making a television commercial, organizing a fete, to name some. The tasks tested interpersonal communication, team work, and adaptability to unfamiliar situations - all which prepared them for facing real life challenges. Finally one chosen winner was provided with an opportunity to realize her dream – Lifestyle Anchor. This was captured on Doordarshan (India’s largest broadcaster) on a high viewership prime time slot - a never done before 26 episode reality show aptly titled “Choo Lo Aasmaan” i.e. “Reach for the Sky”.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Fair & Lovely, a heritage brand in India, is worth $280mn. The brand was losing relevance and subsequently its market share among young girls (who contribute to 40% of its sales) as they could not relate with the brand. Thus the brand had to hold its market shares in this segment. Coming from a conservative family this girl is ambitious and has the potential to achieve her dreams but lacks the resources. She relates to real life examples rather than the monologue messages of the brand’s television commercials. The brand scores on ‘helping women achieve a better future’ had dropped by 10%. We realized that this girl wanted a platform/opportunity to showcase her worth and write her own destiny. Thus the challenge for the brand was to establish itself as an ambassador of self empowerment by providing her with a helping hand in proving her worth.


Name Company Position
Bharat Mirchandani Mindshare Executive
Apoorva Shetty Mindshare Manager
Swati Mohan Mindshare Director
Nikhil Kishore Mindshare Director