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EntrantY&R Singapore, SINGAPORE
Entrant Company:Y&R Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency:Y&R Singapore, SINGAPORE


Results and Effectiveness

These billboards attracted a lot of attention from our target audience - children aged 6 - 12 - most of whom came back regularly to see the progress. In the first month alone, sales of Colgate toothpaste increased 38.7%. As a bonus, Colgate also received some unexpected publicity when the billboard was declared 'The World's Largest Ant Farm Habitat' by the Guinness Books of Records.

Creative Execution

We created a bus shelter with an actual ant farm habitat placed inside a molar tooth image. The more the ants ate, the more tunnels they created. These ever expanding tunnels demonstrated the effects of unchecked tooth decay. Brochures about Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection - which explained the importance of brushing regularly - were also distributed on site.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The high level of tooth decay among Asian children has been labelled a silent epidemic. Many kids find the subject of caring for their teeth boring, and Colgate wanted to re-educate them in a fun way.


Name Company Position
Marcus Rebeschini Y&R Singapore Executive Creative Director/Art Director
Edward Ong Y&R Singapore Creative Director/Copywriter
Jaruphun Phayungsak Y&R Bangkok Creative Director/Art Director
Goh Shii Hua Y&R Singapore Producer
Michael Kan Y&R Singapore Producer
Phylis Wong Y&R Singapore Designer
Zoe Ong Y&R Singapore Designer
Raul Pardo Y&R Singapore Designer
Jaime Prieto Y&R Hong Kong Account Director
Tanuj Philip Y&R Singapore Account Director
Lee Pei Ling Y&R Singapore Account Manager
Teo Teo Studios Photographer
Clear Channel Media Owner