Product / ServiceBMW X2
CategoryC03. Exhibitions / Installations


Name Company Position
Lucille Essey Jack Morton Worldwide VP, Executive Creative Director
Shirley Lee Jack Morton Worldwide SVP, Director of Client Services
Jack Feng Jack Morton Worldwide Executive Producer
Clarisse Lau Jack Morton Worldwide Lead Show Producer
Mandy Liddell Mandy Liddell Choreographer
Marco Iannelli Jack Morton Worldwide Musical Director & Composer
Pan Wenquan Jack Morton Worldwide Art Director, Content Studio
Jeremy To Jack Morton Worldwide Associate Creative Director
Jennifer Cheng Jack Morton Worldwide Producer
Kong So Jack Morton Worldwide Senior Graphic Designer
Zoe Ng Jack Morton Worldwide Senior Graphic Designer
Rumin Wang Jack Morton Worldwide Senior 3D Designer
Ada Wong Jack Morton Worldwide Technical Director
Jessica Cheng Jack Morton Worldwide Producer
Michelle Ho Jack Morton Worldwide Producer

The Campaign

The X2 is a vehicle for people who dare. A disruptor, and rebel in the market with a provocative spirit, in a daring gold colour, this car breaks away from tradition and makes a powerful statement in a world of conformity. To communicate this in a memorable way, we created a cathartic experience that completely abandoned the constructs of a traditional car launch and challenged visitors to unlearn everything whilst discovering their own true identity, their “heart of gold”. We plunged guests into a multi-sensory environment reflecting a microcosm of society, where they became active participants in the creation of their experience. During this journey, guests went from feeling trapped, vulnerable and confined by rules; to challenging the status quo, exploring the unknown; to finding their inner strength; to taking control and escaping; and finally celebrating their triumph.

The Brief

The overall budget of the event was 15 million RMB with the below cost breakdown: • 6 million RMB for the event which included creative, production, AV and talents • 4 million RMB for the venue rental • 5 million RMB for all online social communication focused on event

Creative Execution

The process took 11 weeks from pitch to execution. A small, agile team conceived and created an immersive, site-specific seven-part experience, bringing the X2 spirit to life. 60 KOLs and media were given a full-face, gold mask and white laboratory coat which they had to wear to gain access to the experience. The performers wore the same masks and coats making everyone anonymous and talking was not possible. Guests were immersed amongst the performers throughout the journey. As the narrative unfolded the group realized they were being watched, they were trapped and needed to escape. Tension grew, guests were provoked into a rebellion and physically broke down a wall, leading to the reveal of the X2, a symbol of freedom. Liberated, guests removed their masks! They celebrated their triumph in another immersive environment where they were met with a giant, anatomically accurate heart of gold representing their true identity.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

As the very first car launch using immersive theatre, the event was a smash hit. • Over 25 million RMB in media value generated • In excess of 106 million pageviews on social media channels • 415 qualified sales leads within the first month after the launch • Incredible testimonials from attending guests describing the event as “Incredibly cool” and “attractive and fun” • The event was followed by a 2-week public showroom, and over 8010 visitors attended Most importantly, the event touched the hearts of young Chinese consumers and created an ongoing conversation. “BMW has accurately captured the insight that young consumers are open and inclusive, but eager to challenge and break through their boundaries,” said one guest. Another guest, after attending the event, reflected on the question “in the age filled with anxiety, what is our way out?”

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The BMW X2 Launch was a unique experience with Brand Experience & Activation at its heart. We abandoned all constructs of a traditional car launch, and focused on bringing to life the spirit of X2: “Unlearn Everything.” Through an immersive, emotive and captivating theatrical journey, we challenged guests to break free from expectations in a world where common values are weighted above individuality. The results showed that brand engagement was at an all-time high, garnering outstanding results in leads, attendance, press and social impressions.

It is a universal struggle to break free from expectations and find your own identity and place in the world. This is particularly challenging in China which has traditionally been a society that strives for the common good over individual desires. Nowadays, the desire to pursue your true identity is growing stronger amongst consumers, especially the young, urban, independent consumers who are the targets of BMW X2. With this activation, we saw the perfect opportunity to tap into people’s innate desire to pursue freedom and discover their authentic selves. Car launches generally are formulaic and predictable. Guests assume the role of passive observers waiting to be “wowed” and entertained by showy tactics and flashy car reveals focusing on the car’s features. The X2 activation changed that process by taking our guests on a journey where they actively participated in bringing the spirit of the X2 to life.