Short List
Product / ServiceCSR
CategoryC05. Customer Retail / In-Store Experience
Idea Creation ADK TAIWAN Taipei City, CHINESE TAIPEI
Production PARTY NY New York, USA
Production 2 BYE BYE WORLD Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 23 DESIGN Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI
Additional Company WONDROUS INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 2 MASUMASU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Chief Creative Officer
Kurt Lin ADK TAIWAN Group Creative Director
Jean Shih ADK TAIWAN Copywriter
Lisa Wang freelance Copywriter
Yuzen Lin ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Shika Hsieh ADK TAIWAN Account Director
Riley Hsia ADK TAIWAN Account Executive
Eiji Muroichi PARTY New York Creative Director / Design Director
Qanta Shimizu PARTY New York Tech Director
Shiny Lee PARTY New York Senior Designer
Masashi Kawamura PARTY New York Creative Advisor
Masato Takahashi BYE BYE WORLD Clapping Hand Tech & Design Direction
Chiao-Chun Su 23 Design Production Director
Chi-Chen Yang innoCirque Programmer
Yuuki Ono WONDROUS inc. Music Producer, Composer
Yuma Murakami MasuMasu Web Developer
Ou Chelun Ou Chelun Film Director
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Chief Creative Officer
Kurt Lin ADK TAIWAN Group Creative Director

The Campaign

Idea: Every coin donated with love deserves a loving encouragement. We found even if only donating a coin, by showing appreciation to those who contribute, encourages more good will. And 7-ELEVEN is the easiest place for loose change to happen. Therefore, we created the world’s first “Rhythm of Love Wall” donation box. When people drop a coin, they will receive a round of applause which like the authentic sound and motion that real human did. And the installation will present a different applause each time when people drop coins. This not only gives a direct gratitude for their good deeds, at the same time, people could feel the joy of being encouraged by doing good deeds. And it makes them want to give more!

The Brief

Overall budget: about $26,7000 USD ($8,000,000 TWD) Breakdown of costs: Production for teaser film and official film: 17,500 USD Production for official website: 12,500 USD Production for physical installation: 200,000 USD Cost for stores touring around Taiwan: 20,000 USD Paid media budget: 17,000 USD

Creative Execution

In order to show our gratitude to donors, we worked very hard to develop every pair of hands, and over 200 thousand times tests to produce authentic clapping sound and motion without any extra sound effect. We developed into the below implementation: -Teaser films: A series of film to look for the best "encouraging applause" ,triggered people’s curiosity and discussion for “Applause”. -Official films & Installation: ”Rhythm of Love Wall” officially launched. An unprecedented donation box engaged many people to visit it. -Official Mobile Website: People can create their own clapping rhythm online and instantly transmit back to the physical installation. So the user-generated clapping can be heard in the store. People can also make a donation online. -Collaboration with celebrities: We invited 12 celebrities to design colorful hands, extending the online buzz. -Touring around Taiwan: total 11 key cities, 70 stores around Taiwan, it successfully created a donation boom.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Donation significantly increased The visitors of 7-ELEVEN increase by 37%, lots of branch stores want to place this interactive installation in their stores, it got immense responses and unprecedented reactions from both online and offline. As a result, the overall donation raised up 200%, hitting a record-breaking high. Participants & media impression succeeded beyond the original expectation With only 14 days, over 86,500 people visited stores and experienced the installation. The number of social media participants was as high as 500 thousand people. The response on social media got over 20,000 shares and 4000 comments which give highly complement. The number of participants in the mobile website also exceeded 5,000 people. The visitors to the website have grown with 100 people per day. Numerous media reported proactively, the total earned media impression is over $9,680,000. Positively consumer behavior change We successfully broke the mental barriers for people in donating coin.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

7-ELEVEN raised funds for charity with slogan, "Donating A Coin to Find Love Together” for years. In Chinese, “a coin” and “together” sounds the same. But we found the general donation box is difficult to impel people's action, so it has become an empty talk. Therefore, we created “Rhythm of Love Wall”, which gives a direct gratitude to people for their good deeds while donating coins. The campaign successfully makes people respond to the spirit of the slogan and also broke the mental barriers for donating coin. We believe by showing appreciation to those who contribute, encourages more good will.

We found that it's a part of life for people to go to the convenience store, buying things every day in Taiwan, that makes it become the most likely place for loose change to happen. However, people usually focus on stuffs what they need, rarely notice other things in store. Unless the thing itself is unique to catch their attention. So we describe our target audience as two groups: 1. Young generation, 25-35 years old, who is the biggest consumer of the convenience store and greatly interested in new-things. 2. Students, 18 -24 years old, who is becoming the main social media participants. With their social media habits, we hope to increase the share of voice on social media and influence more people to participate. We expect to attract people stay in the store through an unprecedented donation box and also make them have an unique experience while donating coin.


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