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CategoryC04. Competitions & Promotional Games
Idea Creation COMMUNNECTION Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Joanne Wang Communection CEO
Band Bai Communection Creative Partner
Kevin Lee Communection Creative Partner
Cao Jie Communection Creative Director
Henry Huang Communection Art Director
Wei Ting Ting Communection Designer
Li Zong Communection Designer
Rebecca Communection Account Director
Stella Shi Communection Account Manager
Feng Xiao Hong Communection Copywriter

The Campaign

To achieve the objectives of getting people to live an active and healthy life, creatively, two inspirational patient stories were produced (a diabetic who climbs mountains and a heart patient who runs marathons) to prove that common diseases were no obstacle to better health Then the City orienteering challenge event to provide personal curated experience for walking for health and for a fuller life. Abbott partnered with Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA) and Shanghai Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association (Shanghai MOA)designed fun activity tasks for the orienteering event, from having children use stethoscopes to measure their parent’s heart rates to walking in stilts to answering health-related questions while in the “plank” position while being 94 stories above the city, participants found themselves in a city playground of fun and knowledge that was easy to share on social channels and easy to do in their daily life with their friends and families.

The Brief

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Creative Execution

Our real patient videos helped lay a groundwork of awareness for the Orienteering event as we promoted them on social channels to inspire people to take action and drive applications/awareness to May 20 orienteering event. To ensure the curated experience is fun, meaningful and engaging, we worked with multiple partners on fun and educational task development. A total of 37 routes that stretched out to almost the entire Shanghai city and near 4,000 teams of 5 that participated each needed to overcome 7-8 challenges spread out over as many as 18 kilometers by walking or taking public transportation, competing for trophies with fastest speed to the final destination. The real patient stories coupled with the daylong routes of activities created a strong social media response to expand the orienteering’s impact beyond Shanghai.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

• The patient videos viewed 171,000,000 times • More than 100,000 signed up for the orienteering event, and 20,000 participated in the event • A live stream with Mr. Gu’s team reached 326,000 unique views. • User Generated Content on the orienteering event estimated on 14MM WeChat views and posts. • Abbott’s Shanghai reputation grew to 96 from a 92 rating prior to the campaign • Abbott was awarded as a “Healthy living Advocator” by the orienteering committee and organizer. Overall, brand awareness and favorability grew measurably from our introduction of the life champion videos and those patients’ participating in the orienteering event. Framed in a broader message of increased focus on health, the real patient video and orienteering event showcased Abbott brand promise as well as its values as a company for Shanghai residents to experience.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The Shanghai Orienteering event saw 20,000 participants touch, sense and immerse themselves in fun and engaging challenges that laid out ways to improve health and live fully. To promote healthy living in city life and encourage people to be active, stay healthy and enjoy life, Abbott, a global health technology company took a city wide orienteering event and turned it into curating experiences that increased self-awareness around a healthy lifestyle and helped participants get and stay healthy, while at the same time emphasizing the company’s values around staying healthy and living well.

As a company, Abbott responds to the biggest health threats across the world with science, caring and a commitment to get people to life their best lives through better health. Our campaign strategies consist of inspiration with real patient stories to showcase how they live a healthy and fuller life by pursuing their passion with the support of health technology and a fun and meaningful city wide curated experience for our life champion target audience to live healthy throughout their lifespans with a goal of translating that new awareness into action and better living. Our diabetes patient Mr. Gu in the patient video uses our FreeStyle Libre blood glucose monitor and participated in the orienteering event with his teammate and shared his own perspective on how he dealt with diabetes and inspired others to live healthy and pursue life passions. UCG, social/digital and news to generate a broader impact.