CategoryA04. Consumer Durables
Idea Creation GOOGLE Mountain View, USA

The Campaign

India is known for its ‘sweet fetish’. To complete a meal, to wish someone good-luck or for no reason at all, Indians harbor a deep-seated love for desserts. Could we harness the Indian sweet tooth to market a technological innovation? Google Home Donut Shop – a pop-up store created like a café to first, invite and then, amaze its visitors. The shop was decorated in pink with appetizing motifs and speech blurbs with peculiar, relevant and witty localized questions that added to the curiosity and doubled up as beautiful café art. Visitors met Google Home and Mini, asked questions and got a donut box as gratification for their time. The donut boxes had delicious donuts for every visitor, but for some, there was a sweeter surprise! A Google Home Mini!

The Brief

Around USD 778,386/- was invested in the Google Home Donut Shop campaign. Breakup: Google Home Donut Shop Mall Activity: USD 447,956/- Google Home Donut Truck (6 cities): USD 330,430/-

Creative Execution

The promoters stationed at the Donut Shop were trained extensively for 3 days. They welcomed the guests dressed in baking aprons and mitts, just like bakery attendants. The speech blurbs discreetly planted the questions in the minds of visitors as they queued up for their chance. On meeting Google Home, people either asked their own questions or took help from the prompters. Home automation capabilities of the device were demonstrated with the help of Philips Hue smart bulbs. After the demo, the visitors pressed a buzzer kept along with the device that activated a conveyer belt carrying donut boxes. The visitor would exit the zone with the donut box that carried either a donut or the Mini.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

This unusual affair between technology and taste-buds, calories and conversations lasted for 46 days, panned across 6 cities and more than 20 locations Thousands of Donuts were distributed for the activity Thousands of product interactions helped make a space for the category in India. +8% increase in purchase intent +10% increase in consideration +17% increase in awareness The positive sentiments around this campaign helped it grow organically with more than 3M impressions offline and online. The youthful design of the café and food truck gave people enough instagrammable moments. Google Home and Mini not only gained entry into the hearts and minds of Indian consumers, but also became a part of their lifestyle.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

In order to drive adoption of its smart speakers, Home and Mini, Google wanted to create an opportunity for real product interaction for the Indian consumers. An experiential marketing activity that’s fun and shareable, so that everyone goes home talking about what Google Home and Mini are capable of. Hence, the Google Home Donut Shop – a pop-up store created like a café to first, invite and then, amaze its visitors. An activity planned to strategically influence product adoption and purchase decisions.

The activity was planned to strategically influence product adoption and purchase decisions. 1. Consumers got a chance to KNOW the product 2. Demonstrations helped them TRY it 3. The surprise of donuts (or Google Mini) made the experience REWARDING 4. Finally, consumers could BUY the product available at attractive offers Special retail offers like free headphones and Chromecast with Google Home and Mini, helped us make the purchase experience wholesome. After making life sweeter for 30 days, the donut shop was given wheels and taken to corporate houses in 6 cities. The activity continued luring sweet crazy India stationed as a food truck and cart outside food-courts and cafeterias, so that people see it just when they need it the most. With a more tech-savvy TG, the Google Home Donut Truck drove a massive sale.


Name Company Position
Purrakote Jayanand PMG Integrated Communications Pvt Ltd Creative Director